Souljazz Orchestra: Resistance

For over 10 years, Canadian musical collective the Souljazz Orchestra have been releasing albums that smartly combine Afrobeat and Latin/Tropical flavors into a solid listening package. But this ain't no frivolous dance party! The Souljazz Orchestra bring a message of social consciousness in their music as well, and this aspect is as up-front as usual on their new album, Resistance.

The record begins with a strong, one-two punch with the inspirational tunes, "Greet the Dawn" and "Shock & Awe," and grooves on powerfully throughout. They funk it up on "Life Is What You Make It," turn the spicy salsa vibes up a notch on "Soleil Couchant," and bath in the cleansing water of the album's closer, "It's Gonna Rain." Mind and body are equally accommodated on Resistance, so jump right in and join the party.

The Souljazz Orchestra's new album, Resistance, is available at and at your better record retailers everywhere!

Eric J. Lawrence


1.Greet The Dawn
2.Shock And Awe
4.As The World Turns
5.Life Is What You Make It
6.Bull's Eye
7.Soleil Couchant
8.Ware Wa
9.Kossa Kossa
10.It's Gonna Rain