The Belle Brigade: Just Because

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Ah, siblings! Sure there can be family squabbles, silly jealousies and any number of little infuriating things about your bro or sis. But when all is said & done, your family knows you best, so when things work between you & your sibling, you can easily be greater than the sum of your parts. And that works double with music-making siblings. Something about the genetics, the similar influences growing up, and maybe even the closeness of voices in which to create tight harmonies gives making music with your siblings the chance to really sparkle (see the Kinks, Oasis and the Everly Brothers). 

Brother & sister duo Barbara & Ethan Gruska return to their Belle Brigade project three years after their well-received debut, and while things have inevitably progressed in the ensuing years (working with other artists as writers & session players, changing record labels), the familiarity with each other makes their return sound just as comfortable as sitting in a favorite chair. The same catchy folk-rock hooks, passionate vocal harmonies and clever wordplay are in effect, making for another batch of quality tunes from one of LA's shining stars.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Note: The Belle Brigade will be live on Morning Becomes Eclectic on Thursday, March 27, 2014.

Track List:

1. Ashes
2. When Everything Was What It Was
3. Likely To Use Something
4. Be Like Him
5. Miss You In My Life
6. How I See It
7. Not The One
8. Metropolis
9. Everything For A Stone
10. Back Where You Began

Photo courtesy of the artist