The Zombies

The Zombies' Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone will be Gary Calamar's special guests at 9:00 pm. The founding members of the classic British Invasion band have reformed and just finished recording a new album. KCRW Presents their upcoming show at the Key Club in Hollywood on Friday February 27.
Aside from the Beatles and perhaps the Beach Boys , no mid-'60s rock group wrote melodies as gorgeous as those of the Zombies. Dominated by Colin Blunstone's breathy vocals, choral backup harmonies, and Rod Argent's shining jazz- and classical-influenced organ and piano, the band sounded utterly unique for their era. Indeed, their material, with unexpected shifts from major to minor keys -- was perhaps too adventurous for the singles market. To this day, they're known primarily for their three big hit singles, &quotShe;'s Not There" (1964), &quotTell; Her No" (1965), and &quotTime; of the Season" (1969).





Gary Calamar