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Tonight we say happy birthday to one Tony Iommi, guitarist for the mighty Black Sabbath! We start each hour with a track featuring the giant axeman’s greatness.
If you look over our list of tracks for tonight, you will see that we have all kinds of great jams. NEW J. MASCIS. Oh yes, y’all, it’s happening. New J solo record called Several Shades Of Why on Sub Pop, to be released on March 15. Megan over at the label kindly sent me a download of the album so we could play tracks on our show. Tonight’s track features backup vocals by Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) and Kurt Vile. We are extra happy to have the track to lay on you Fanatics. We will be keeping in touch with Sub Pop and turning loose other tracks until release date and afterwards.
New Marnie Stern release. A download of Marnie’s demos pre first album is now available. Interesting listening as it’s Marnie and that’s great but to hear the tracks without the pummeling force of Zach Hill gives the listener a different way of accessing her music. Here’s the place to go: http://dogdazetapes.blogspot.com/2011/01/marnie-stern-demo-dd-002.html. Marnie is playing the Echo this Friday. I will be onstage while she is, so I can’t go.
As you know, I have shows all week and through the weekend at Largo. It’s been going great but it makes things like these notes somewhat hurried, so if this is brief, I apologize.
As usual, we have a great show for you that I hope you dig immensely. I will perhaps see some of you at the shows here in town. If you don’t get a chance to tune into this one live, check it on archive. Until then, stand up with Madison, WI and STAY FANATIC!!! 

E-mail address for Henry: HenryOnTheRadio@gmail.com
01. Tony Iommi (w / Henry Rollins) - Laughing Man (In The Devil Mask) / Iommi
02. Fats Waller - Hey! Stop Kissin' My Sister / Fats Waller Last Years (1940-1943)
03. The Lurkers – Cyanide / God’s Lonely Men
04. J. Mascis - Not Enough / Several Shades Of Why
05. Ensemble Für Neue Musik Zürich - Paleozoic Vox Balaenae / George Crumb
06. Dax Riggs - Wall Of Death / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
07. Marnie Stern - A Letter From Rimbaud / Demo
08. Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer / Young Loud & Snotty
09. Charles Tyler Ensemble - Three Spirits / Charles Tyler Ensemble
10. PJ Harvey - Written On The Forehead / Let England Shake
11. Thin Lizzy - Get Out Of Here / Black Rose
12. Pure Hell - Hard Action / Noise Addiction
13. Buzzcocks - Airwaves Dream / single
14. Wire - Three Girl Rumba / Pink Flag
15. XBXRX - Knowledge Is Death / O
16. Black Sabbath - Into The Void / Master Of Reality
17. The Lurkers - Cyanide (Pub Version) / God’s Lonely Men
18. The Sparkles - Do The Hip / Lux & Ivy's Favorites Vol. 15
19. The Cramps - Green Fuz / City Gardens 1981
20. Eno - Baby's On Fire / Peel Session 03-05-74
21. MC5 - Gotta Keep Movin' / HighTime
22. Astor Piazzolla - Lumiere, III. El Amor / Suite Troileana
23. The Vagrants - Beside The Sea / I Can't Make a Friend 1965 – 1968
24. The Ruts - Staring At The Rude Boys / Punk Singles Collection
25. Topmost - The End / Psychedelic Phinland
26. The Clash - The City Of The Dead / Black Market Clash
27. The Stooges - I'm Sick Of You / Anthology Box