KCRW Broadcast 122


Talk about no sleep! I have been bouncing from planes to taxies to studios on both coasts. I worked on this show for a few days on paper and then only a few hours ago was able to listen to all of it and makes sure it is up to what we will consider a passing grade.
It’s Friday afternoon. I got in here a little before midnight last night. A few hours later, I was in traffic, on my way to a studio in Santa Monica to do some voice over work. About three hours of that and back to the office to start working putting all this together.
It’s nearly 1600 hrs. I just noticed and it seemed I was going to eat lunch a few hours ago but got so wrapped up in getting this together that I just looked at the clock now.
Well, ok then, I will eat later. Let’s talk about all these great jams we have here. I don’t know what compelled me to start us off with this particular Misfits song but I came up with that idea on one of the many flights I have been on in the last several days. You don’t have to look very far down our list to spot the first concept set of the evening. A great EP by the UK Subs. One of my favorite 7” records of all time!
Ruts, Clash and The Fall all together, a bit of a Dubbed out trio of songs, I hope you will like this grouping.
Betty Davis starts our second hour. As you can see, I can’t seem to stay away from one of the two new Boris albums. I am hoping you are digging our recent Borisization of the show.
I’ll fill you Fanatics in on why we have Void in our set tonight. I have great news about them and Faith, for all you Dischord fans.
I was ordered to play Nile by One of our big bosses, Jason “J-Bomb” Bentley. Luckily, I have some of their albums. Now and then, he will call me with a direct order to play certain bands, Montrose, Dokken—stuff like that. I do my best.
A little ED towards the end of the show as well as new to my ears at least, a band called Yuck are featured. I think this is a cool record.
We will finish our thin slice of time together with a great track I found on one of the Lux & Ivy downloads. It’s all online and all for free download. I recommend you snag it before the man takes it down.
This is a great show. I will have some things written to plague Will “Double B” Bentley with as soon as I can get a few hours of sleep.
I guess it’s a holiday this weekend. I know that some holidays require a lot of celebration. Well, do that, but please be careful and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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01. The Misfits - Die, Die My Darling / Box Set             
02. The Damned - I Believe The Impossible / The Black Album                
03. The Mob - Shuffling Souls / Let The Tribe Increase            
04. The Germs - Lion's Share / Germs Complete  
05. Gen X - Ugly Rash / Kiss Me Deadly      
06. UK Subs - Keep On Running / Diminished Responsibility             
07. UK Subs - Perfect Girl / Diminished Responsibility
08. UK Subs - Ice Age / Diminished Responsibility
09. The Buzzcocks - Airwaves Dream / Singles Going Steady               
10. Dinosaur Jr - Repulsion / Dinosaur
11. The Ruts - Jah War / The Crack
12. The Clash - Police and Thieves  / The Clash  
13. The Fall – Kimble / Complete Peel Sessions   
14. Betty Davis - Don't Call Her No Tramp / They Say I'm Different           
15. Beastie Boys – Shadrach / Paul's Boutique
16. Boris – Spoon / Attention Please      
17. Erase Errata - Harvester / At Crystal Palace               
18. MC5 - Looking At You / The Big Bang! Best Of              
19. Electric Eels - Agitated (Orig) / The Eyeball of Hell           
20. Nile - Serpent Headed Mask / Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka            
21. Void – Authority / Flex Your Head
22. Farflung - Unborn Planet / A Wound In Eternity             
23. Deniz Tek - 100 Fools / Citadel Years        
24. Eric Dolphy Straight Up And Down / Out To Lunch       
25. Yuck - Get Away / Yuck
26. The Cats & the Fiddle - Killin' Jive / Lux and Ivy's Favorites Vol. 15