KCRW Broadcast 153


I am sitting on the tour bus, behind the venue, here in Bologna, Italy. Show in about fifty minutes. After that, we sit here for a few hours and then drive to the airport. Road Manager Ward and I fly to Munich, Germany. After an eight hour layover, we fly to Los Angeles. We get in Friday late afternoon. I will keel over, wake up at some ridiculous hour of the morning fully rested and prepare this radio show to go to the station hours later. And then, with the magic of broadcasting, we will all be together, live on the radio.

Last night in Milano was my first ever talking show in Italy, it went really well. I hope for another great one tonight.

Let’s get to the really important stuff here, shall we? As always, it’s all about the music. Tonight, all these jams are going to ROCK but will even more enhanced by the fact that we are all together live.

I don’t think we have played A Warm Palindrome before. This band is yet another outlet for the very talented Phil Todd of Ashtray Navigations. Otherwise, it’s a lot of our usual suspects that sound great on a Saturday night. Well wait a minute, check track #24, that one is from a CD by Zein l'Abdin I picked up in Germany the other day, looked interesting and there is no way I couldn’t bring you back some Kenyan Oud music! It’s really great and I bet that Engineer X hasn’t heard this one yet. It’s rare that I can scoop him.

This is a great hang out around the radio or laptop mix. I have played this set in cold backstages over the last few days and it’s really working. I know I say this about all of our sets but I dig them, Fanatic!

Ok, next week’s show is already finished and it’s a monster and it will also be live.

Until you hear my voice on the radio Saturday night, it will be a cramped, pressurized and relatively sleepless time for me—that is to say, the usual.

Get ready to go live and STAY FANATIC!!! 



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01. ZZ Top - Groovy Little Hippie Pad / El Loco

02. A Warm Palindrome – Shakuhachi / Three Owls Six Ears

03. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Intense / Hit Me With The Surreal Feel

04. Robert Fripp – Exposure / Exposure (2nd Mix)

05. Scientist - Saved By The Bell / Heavy Weight Dub Champion

06. Meat Puppets - Walking Boss / Meat Puppets

07. The Buzzcocks - I Need / Another Music In A Different Kitchen

08. The Big Bopper - Big Bopper's Wedding / Hellooo Baby!

09. Dinosaur Jr. – Gargoyle / Dinosaur Jr

10. The Mae Shi - The Universal Polymath / Heartbeeps

11. Fats Waller & His Rhythm - Got A Bran' New Suit / Early Years Pt. 2  (‘35-‘36)

12. Devo - Through Being Cool / New Traditionalists

13. Matador - Tote Stadt / Écoute

14. Miles Davis - Selim (Take 4B) / The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions

15. Procedure Club - Artificial Light / Doomed Forever

16. Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention - Evelyn, A Modified Dog / One Size Fits All

17. Behemoth – XUL / Demigod

18. CAN – Moonshake / Future Days

19. Conrad Schnitzler – Track 04 / 12 Stucke Aus Dem Jahr 1974

20. Tangerine Dream – Wahn / Atem

21. Kluster - Track 11 / Admira

22. Kraftwerk - Metall Auf Metall / Trans Europa Express

23. Iggy Pop - The Passenger / Lust For Life

24. Zein l'Abdin – Chombo / The Swahili Song Songbook

25. Floor - Iron Girl / Floor

26. Como Fife & Drum Band - Late In The Evening / The George Mitchell Collection

27. The Zombies - Road Runner / Zombie Heaven (Disc 4: Live On The BBC)

28. UK Subs - She's Not There / Brand New Age

29. New York Dolls – Pills / New York Dolls

30. Minor Threat - Good Guys / Complete Discography

31. The Birthday Party – Loose / Peel Sessions

32. Dax Riggs – Skulls / 12-26-03 Toy's Music Center