KCRW Broadcast 176


Hello from Germany. I am currently living in the Hamburg at an airport hotel. I am doing two nights at the Wacken Festival. Since I am here and not with you and the other two at the Jasonic Temple, I thought we could work through the filter of my present location as inspiration for our show tonight.

So, here's what we've got: it's two hours of great German music or bands/artists not from Germany, singing in German or performing in Germany.

I know that sentence was a little strange but there you go. One look at the set list will explain everything.

Two Things to Remember Dept.:

The First Thing: For next week's show, we have a scond hour you will not want to miss as we will be premiering Putrifier II, the new album by Thee Oh Sees. It's a great one and you're going to hear it first right here on KCRW. If you are an Oh Sees fan, you're going to like this album. If you are new to the band's music, this could be a great night of your life. So, that's our August 11 show, a week from tonight. We will be live, so tune in for that one.

The Second Thing: On September 15, (which I know is a ways off but I really want you to be ready for this one) we have a fantastic show. Hour 1 will be the first album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Are You Experienced, in mono. The source is from a very nice pressing I picked up in Australia earlier this year. After the album is done, we will finish the hour with two more Hendrix tracks, both in mono. The second hour will be taken up by the new album by Dinosaur Jr. called I Bet On Sky. The album will be released the folowing Tuesday but we will have it for you on Saturday night. It is another great slice of Rock from J, Lou and Murph!

Make That Three Things: When I was transferring the Hendrix album, I got inspired and figured I would work on a show that I have wanted to put together for you Fanatics for a long time. I took out my pristine as the day I bought it copy of PIL's Metal Box 3 x 12” set and transferred them to digital and constructed a show around the album. It's all done and ready to go. I will let you know when it will drop. I reckon sooner than later. It sounds amazing.

Yes, that is Nena finishing the second hour!

By now, you have heard that the great writer and intellect Gore Vidal has passed away. If you have never read any of his work; the historical novels and the essays, this you should do.

Enjoy August and STAY FANATIC!!! –– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Scorpions - Robot Man / In Trance
02. Malaria - Prophet / Cheerio
03. David Bowie - Helden / Heroes
04. TV Smith – Stacheldrahtmann / Dangerous Playground
05. The Beach - Boys In My Room (German Version) / Shut Down Vol. 2
06. Nico - The Sphinx / Drama Of Exile
07. Einstürzende Neubauten - Kalte Sterne / Kalte Sterne
08. Carambolage - Die Farbe War Mord / Carambolage
09. Dee Dee King - German Kid / Standing in the Spotlight
10. The Razors - Christchild / single
11. Kratwerk - Trans Europa Express / Trans Europa Express
12. La Düsseldorf - White Overalls / Viva
13. Conrad Schnitzler - Blau Bonus / Blau
14. Miles Davis - Theme / Miles In Berlin

Hour 2
01. The Fall - Bremen Nacht Run Out / Beggar B-Sides
02. Der Plan - Hans Und Gabi / Geri Reig
03. Nick Cave - Mack The Knife / September Songs: Music Of Kurt Weill
04. Ute Lemper - Zieh dich aus, Petronella! / Berlin Cabaret Songs
05. Hildegard Knef - From Here On It Got Rough / The In-Kraut
06. Cosmic Jokers - Der Herrscher / Sci Fi Party
07. Jerry Lee Lewis - Highschool Confidential / Live at the Star Club
08. Can – Desert / The Lost Tapes
09. Lightnin' & Joel Hopkins - Going Back To Baden-Baden l / Lightning, Joel & John Henry
10. Faust - Mamie Is Blue / So Far
11. Kurt Hohenberger & Seinem Solisten-Orchester – Rhythmus / Swinging Ballroom Berlin
12. The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand (German version) / Something New
13. Nena - 99 Luftballons / 99 Luftballons