KCRW Broadcast 263

Fanatics! I am in Austin, Texas as I write you now, Tuesday the 8th. I prepared this show for us several days ago. I am listening down to the tracks now and I have to say, it’s a great one. Look at all those great artists, how can we go wrong?!

I thought that tonight, we would listen to a lot of familiar stuff, at least bands that we play a lot, that thing we do sometimes of trading in the exploratory for a good mix tape feel.

It’s always a hard call, to try and figure out that if I like a song or songs, if they are actually any good. It is obvious that I’m sold! I just hope that you feel the same way, or at least with it enough not to stop listening. It could very well be that I put too much thought into making the show but I don’t think so. It’s a great opportunity to make something really excellent. It’s not like I have anything to do with the songs but it’s fun to try to assemble a great two hours of music.

If I had to do this five nights a week, I don’t think I could, or it would be all I did. Can you imagine a show like this every night? Hello, listener burn out!

Two nights ago, I was listening to an almost pristine copy of Can’s Tago Mago album. It’s a UK pressing, sounds amazing. That album on vinyl should be in every Fanatic dwelling. Anyway, I got so worked up about it, I played the whole thing over again out of a McIntosh receiver/Rega P3 turntable onto CD. Came out sounding great. I a-b’d it against the CD masterings I have of the album and I like the CDR much better. I thought that we should rock this entire album in one show. It’s a lot of music but wow, such great stuff. I will put that show together in a few weeks and I think we will roll that one out in July. Yes, that’s how far in advance I am working on shows this year. My shoot schedule is pretty demanding.

You know the drill, Fanatic! Check the list below and if you feel it, listen in.

Oh! Before I forget, next week’s show for 4-20-14 is SO 4-20. Get ready! Next week’s show—you can put your weed in it.

Stay Loose and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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01. The Lost Sounds – Ocelots Rising – Black Wave 
02. Van Halen – Atomic Punk 12-31-78 / Live at the Whisky (tape)
03. The Clash – London’s Burning / The Clash
04. The Cigarettes – They’re Back Again, Here They Come / Will Damage Your Health! 
05. Tom Waits – Sea of Love / Orphans box set
06. Fats Waller – Black Raspberry Jam / Early Years Pt. 3
07. Weirdos – A Life of Crime / Destroy All Music
08. The Damned – Sick of Being Sick / The Stiff Years
09. Generation X – Trying For Kicks / Generation X
10. The Minutemen – Monuments / The Punch Line
11. Melt-Banana – Red Data, Red Stage / Fetch
12. Lightnin Hopkins – Gonna Pull A Party / Traditional Masters
13. Gun Club – Bill Bailey / Mother Juno
14. Nick Cave – The Moon Is In The Gutter / B-Sides and Rarities
15. The Saints – (I’m) Stranded / (I’m) Stranded 
16. Kid Congo – Our Other World / Gorilla Rose

01. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band - Electrophonic Tonic / box set 
02. Bo Diddley - Road Runner / Best Of
03. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem - Le Repas Des Dromadaires / Vous Et Nous
04. Various Artists – Ubuhuha 1 / Burundi: Musiques Traditionnelles
05. Archie Shepp - In A Sentimental Mood / On This Night 
06. Parliament - Flash Light / Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome 
07. Brian Eno - Blank Frank / Here Come the Warm Jets 
08. Thelonious Monk - Crepuscule With Nellie / Complete Riverside Recordings 
09. Frank Zappa – WPLJ / Burnt Weeny Sandwich
10. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Which Way to Go / Primary Colours
11. The Evens - Wanted Criminals / The Odds 
12. Omar Souleyman - Hedi Hedi (Slowly, Slowly) / Haflat Gharbia
13. Miles Davis - Great Expectations / Big Fun