KCRW Broadcast 288

Fanatic! Welcome to our first play list of the great month of October. Three days ago, I finished all the October shows and have been listening to them and I think you will like them. We a great show for you tonight as you can see below. Next week is Dave Vanian’s birthday, so we have a lot of Damned in the show, of course. The week after, a lot of vinyl that I flipped to digital that came out sounding great and more of that for the last week of the month. All in all, a great batch of tunes.

Perhaps you are a Hawkwind fan? As you know, we listen to that band with fair frequency on our show. I spent most of yesterday hanging out with Lemmy. I told him that earlier in the day, I had listened to Doremi Fasol Latido by Hawkwind. It’s one of my favorite albums. He said it was too acoustic for his taste! If you have not checked out that album, it is a fantastic piece of work that you should listen to all the way through at least once.

I look forward to October every year. For me, it is a binge month. It’s like 31 days of eating pizza for breakfast. I listen to a lot of music I am very familiar with, rather than my usual routine of listening to music that is new to my ears. I definitely do that as well but in this month, I pull out a ton of my old favorites and let the music play. I got for very full weekends of listening. By the time the radio show rolls out on Sunday night, I have logged several hours of tunes.

So, if you get a chance, please check out all of our happening October shows. We hope you will enjoy every second.

Welcome to October and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Generation X - Running With The Boss Sound / Valley Of The Dolls 
02. U.K. Subs - Live In A Car / The Singles 1978-1982 
03. The Germs - Lion’s Share / Germs Complete 
04. The Panik - Modern Politics / Short Sharp Shock 
05. The Skunks - Good From the Bad / Business Unusual Compilation LP 
06. David Bowie - V-2 Schneider / “Heroes” 
07. Iggy Pop – Funtime / The idiot 
08. One Last Wish - Burning in the Undertow / 1986 
09. The Warmers - Walking Solves It / The Warmers 
10. The Snakes - Twelve Angry Men / I Won’t Love You (Til You’re More Like Me) 
11. Devo - Social Fools / Be Stiff EP 
12. Buzzcocks - Time’s Up / Spiral Scratch EP 
13. The Mob - Shuffling Souls / Let The Tribe Increase 
14. Teen Idles - Getting in My Way / Minor Disturbance EP
15. Leyton Buzzards - 19 And Mad / Small Wonder : Vol. 1 - Punk Singles Collection 
16. Crisis – Frustration / Holocaust Hymns 
17. The Fall - Way Round / The Unutterable

Hour 2
01. Saint Vitus - War Is Our Destiny / Hallow’s Victim 
02. The Mark of Cain - The Contender / Ill at Ease   
03. The Rolling Stones - Hang Fire / Tattoo You 
04. Dillinger – Ragnampiza / Ultimate Collection   
05. Adverts - My Place / Singles Collection 
06. X Ray Spex - I Can’t Do Anything / Germ Free Adolescents +  
07. Total Control - Expensive Dog / Typical System 
08. Thee Oh Sees - Can You See / Help   
09. J Mascis - Every Morning - Tied To A Star 
10. The Intelligence - Darling That Was A Lie / Boredom & Terror 
11. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - And Time Will Act Upon Them / Corruptible Faces
12. Einstürzende Neubauten - Kalte Sterne / Kalte Sterne 
13. Trouble Funk - So Early In The Morning / Singles