KCRW Broadcast 417

Fanatic! Did your Damaged Bug Bunker Funk album come in yet? I got mine a few days ago. Sounds great on vinyl as does the Crystal Fairy album.

Two great records set to come out soon on In The Red Records. Larry Hardy is tearing it up this year. Run, do not walk to these records. First, the new CFM album, Dichotomy Desaturated which will be out soon. Larry gave us the green light to start playing tracks now and of course, we did. Look at the beginning of hour 2. Great record. Also, Chain and the Gang are now on In the Red. They have a record called The Best of Crime Rock coming out soon. It is re-recordings of some of their earlier songs along with some new ones thrown in. The last time I saw them, they played The Logic of Night, new at the time, it really stood out. This song is on the new album and we have it on the show for you in our first hour. Both of these records will be available soon on In the Red. http://intheredrecords.com/blogs/news

Like I told you before, Larry and I are in cahoots, working together to release a very cool single for RSD. It’s being pressed right now. Since Larry and I did it, there are some interesting color variations. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THESE. So excited about this record. Get ready, get set. All profits from the record are going to the band. We want to see this one blow out in one day. We will announce soon.

We hope you dig the show. Already working on next week’s.

Keep up on the news and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. Damaged Bug - Ugly Gamma / Bunker Funk
02. Dad Jokes – Jojo / Watch Out for Bullies
03. Rites of Spring - Hain’s Point / End on End
04. El Guapo – Inevitability / Super/System 0
5. Ween - Spirit Walker / La Cucaracha
06. Ty Segall - Black Magick / Sentimental Goblin
07. Seekae - You’ll / +Dome
08. Holland - Mint Missiles / The Paris Hilton Mujahideen
09. PJ Harvey - Harder (studio version) / The B Sides
10. Joy Division – Interzone / Heart and Soul
11. Wire - The 15th / Wire on the Box: 1979
12. Chain & the Gang - The Logic of Night / Best of Crime Rock
13. Unrest - Cath Carroll / Perfect Teeth
14. Metal Urbain – Ghetto / Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux
15. Zomes - Kaleidoscope of Sound / Near Unison
16. Meatbodies – Gyre / Alice

Hour 2
01. CFM - Lethal Look / Dichotomy Desaturated
02. James Brown - Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved / Revolution of the Mind
03. Monty Python - Neville Shunt / Another Monty Python Record
04. The Saints - Demolition Girl / (I’m) Stranded
05. Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business / Greatest Hits
06. Jay Reatard - I Know A Place / Singles 06-07
07. The Fall - Free Range / Code: Selfish
08. TV Smith – Cutbacks / I Delete
09. The Ooga Boogas - Rich ‘n’ Me / The Booga Box
10. Ya Ya Choral - My Friend The Chocolate Cake / What’s a Quaver
11. Devo - Strange Pursuit (demo) / Recombo DNA
12. The Minutemen - Nothing Indeed / Double Nickels on the Dime
13. Crystal Fairy - Crystal Fairy / Crystal Fairy
14. Drinks - I Could Loot You / single
15. POW - The Razor / Crack an Egg
16. Eastlink - Spring St. / Eastlink
17. Kikagaku Moyo - In a Coil / Stone Garden