KCRW Broadcast 427

Fanatic! Another great show lined up for you. As I’m writing this, I am listening to the Boris/Merzbow collab. album Rock Dream. Such a great record. They do a lot of work together. Rarely are these sets less than three LPs, so you have to commit! Worth it every time.

What we have assembled here is what you will hopefully find to be two worthwhile hours of listening. I have listened to the final order twice now and it’s still working for me.

I had a chance to listen to Mikey Young’s new album. It was untitled when it was sent to me. I just went to the Midheaven site and there it was, ready for a June 16 release. It’s called Your Move Vol. 1 and it is fantastic. Since there’s a release date, I can put a track into one of our upcoming shows. Midheaven.com is your friend.

There are some great albums coming out in the next few months and we will do our best to stay with it and keep you kept up.

Next week’s show is already in mid construction. I am working our June shows a couple of hours a night.

Thanks for listening and until next week, get your listening going and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. The Scientists - Solid Gold Hell / This Heart Doesn’t Run On Blood, This Heart Doesn’t Run On Love
02. Nervous Norvous – Transfusion / single
03. UK Subs – Confrontation / Diminished Responsibility
04. The Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Yo-Yo Man / Eddy Current Suppression Ring
05. Nèfas Endaygèban - Alèmayèhu Eshèté / Éthiopiques 9
06. Air Miami - Dolphin Expressway / Me. Me. Me.
07. Pontiak - Lions Of Least / Echo Ono
08. Phantom Forth - Saw You Hide / The EEPP LP
09. Black Tambourine - Can’t Explain (Lost Inner Ear Mix) / Black Tambourine Cassette
10. The Panik - Modern Politics / It Won’t Sell EP
11. TV Colours - The Kids Are All Grown Up / Purple Skies, Toxic River
12. Terror Visions - Master Wait / World of Shit
13. Devo - Strange Pursuit / Duty Now for the Future
14. The Maniacs - I Ain’t Gonna Be History / Vortex Live
15. Buzzcocks - Friends of Mine / Time’s Up
16. Wire - Dot Dash / Pink Flag
17. Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Fare / I Bet on Sky

Hour 2
01. Roky Erickson - I Think of Demons / The Evil One
02. Mark E. Smith & Ed Blaney – Transfusion / Transfusion
03. Frederick Michael St. Jude - I Simply Love You / Almost Lost
04. Ex Hex - Radio On / Rips
05. Fugazi - Me And Thumbelina / Instrument
06. Alan Vega – Speedway / Alan Vega
07. The Misfits - Teenagers From Mars / single
08. David Bowie - Moonage Daydream / Ziggy Stardust
09. The Stooges - Scene Of The Crime / Anthology Box
10. Dr. Alimantado - I Shall Fear No Evil / Best Dressed Chicken in Town
11. Spaceships - Washed Out / Spaceships
12. Rocket From the Tombs - Life Stinks / The Day the Earth Met The
13. John Cale - Fear (Is A Man’s Best Friend) / Fragments of a Rainy Season
14. Curtis Mayfield - (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going To Go / Curtis Live!