KCRW Broadcast 587

Fanatic. Another intense week. I hope you’ve been keeping well and staying safe. I’ve been working on things as best I can and have been for the most part, busy and getting things done. 

I’ve been getting a lot of listening done and that’s been great. I’ve not taken the time to check out older titles, I’m trying to check out records I haven’t heard yet. It’s such a different mindset than listening to that which is familiar. I like both but right now, newer titles are keeping me looking forward. 

My newest book, Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 1 is back in print. The second pressing came out looking good. 

I got a few emails about the last shows. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. That’s what it’s all about. Things are very challenging at present. Music is always good but right now, it’s a great thing to have access to. 

I just watched The Man Who Fell To Earth again yesterday. Interesting piece of work and is still cool to check out. 

We hope you dig the show, thank you so much for listening and stay Fanatic. –– Henry