KCRW Broadcast 6

Fanatics! We are not with you live tonight. As you know, KCRW is having their RadioActive event tonight and since we have to be there for a group photo at 2000 hours I have to pre-tape my radio show in order to be there. I was going to lay on you an amazing Post Punk show tonight. I have been working weeks on this one and it’s one of the best shows ever. There’s no way I’m going to burn that one on a pre-tape. One of the best things about being on the radio is that you get to listen to the music. Pre-tapes are no fun at all. There’s no music involved, you do the stuff in between and that’s it. It’s like going to a restaurant, ordering the meal and then leaving. Lame. So, I put together a killer play list of great bands doing great songs of other great bands, that is to say, a night of covers. I have listened to this one twice now and think it’s solid and that you will dig it. We will wait for the Post Punk show for when I get back from Coachella in a couple of weeks. I can’t tell you how much it pains me to not be with you live tonight but I can’t so I hope you dig what we have put together tonight. It really is a blast, this set. I just wish I could be with you listening to it. I have always thought that hearing a band do someone else’s music that it was a great way to learn about the band and how innovative they are. Every track on tonight’s show is fantastic and I hope you have fun digging it. Until next week, STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

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01. The Ramones - I Don't Want To Grow Up / iAdios Amigos!
02. Devo - Are You Experienced? / Shout
03. Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s – Backstabbers / Food For Funk
04. David Bowie - White Light/White Heat / Bowie At The Beeb
05. R.E.M. - I Walked With A Zombie / Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye
06. Cramps - The Crusher/ Psychedelic Jungle
07. Pere Ubu - Surfer Girl / Raygun Suitcase
08. Black Flag - Louie Louie / The First Four Years
09. Lydia Lunch / Rowland S Howard - Some Velvet Morning / Honeymoon In Red
10. The Clash - Brand New Cadillac / London Calling
11. Dax Riggs - Wall Of Death / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
12. Bryan Ferry - Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Taxi
13. Brian Wilson - Good Night Irene / A Vision Shared
14. Alan Vega - Be-Bop-A-Lula / Jukebox Babe
15. The Fall – Strychnine / Complete Peel Sessions
16. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Put A Spell On You / NME cassette
17. Minor Threat - Good Guys / Complete Discography
18. The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine / Cut
19. J. Mascis And The Fog Leaving On A Jetplane / Waistin (Single)
20. Melvins - Goin' Blind / Houdini
21. Tom Waits - Sea Of Love / Sea Of Love soundtrack
22. Generation X - Shakin' All Over / Valley Of The Dolls
23. UK Subs - She's Not There / Brand New Age
24. New York Dolls - Don't Start Me Talking / Lipstick Killers
25. Slayer - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida / Less Than Zero Soundtrack
26. Die Cheerleader - Dancing Barefoot / Barb Wire Soundtrack
27. Jimi Hendrix - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? / BBC Sessions
28. Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express / single