KCRW Broadcast 600

Last night, I finished (I think) the last of the heavy lifting on my next book. I still have to go over the manuscript again to make sure all the changes were put in but I’d say that I’m at least 95% done. When it’s closer to coming out of the printer, I’ll let you know. 

It’s like coming out of a trance. The last week has been 12-14 hour days to get the book to the finish line.  

We have been working the October shows and they’re happening. Our first one is next week, wow! October is upon us.  

Did you see this?

Can’t wait to hear it!  

I hope you dig tonight’s show. Thank you for tuning in. See all these people walking around without a mask on, like their fatigue from enduring the pandemic is some kind of protection or cure. They’re wrong. Please keep your mask on, keep your distance. I know you don’t need to hear this from me but we have to hang in there. Keep the records spinning and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry