KCRW Broadcast 602

Fanatic! What just happened?! Here we are, together as always, now at a new time. One of my bosses and I were kicking this idea around weeks ago and thought this might be cool. 

I know you are probably very used to the Sunday night slot and that Saturday nights at 2200 hrs. might have you any place BUT near the radio. I get that totally. However, the chance to be on Saturday instead of Sunday, was too hard to pass up. If Saturday night isn’t working for you, perhaps you can check it out at a later date. I’m sorry if this is move is too much. I’ve always felt that we were more of a Friday or Saturday night show.  

We will be revving things up a bit to resume our previous Saturday night metabolism. Engineer X informed me that we have a couple of instances of slight clipping on some of the show. Enthusiasm!

Also, having Jason “The Jaysonic” Bentley in the opening slot from 8-10, we can’t lose! I’ve never felt closer to the J-Man than I do now! Years in the making and now we’re in perfect alignment. I can see him now, reaching for the vodka putting a cold cloth on his head.  

Fanatic, may I ask a Fanatic favor of you? If you get a chance, can you listen to Station To Station by David Bowie a few times over the next few weeks? We will be listening to the 2010 Maslin remix of the album in November and I want you familiarized with the original so all the changes made on the remix will be more apparent. I’m thinking 11-14-20, so I’m giving you all kinds of time. I’ll remind you again. 

Also, this is great, a cool video by the great David Johansen of the New York Dolls. 

Fanatic WE are the Mighty Three

Fanatic WE are the Superstars of NPR

And Fanatic

WE are the Saturday Night Titans!!!

Fanatic, please prepare and if possible, tune in at our new time and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry