KCRW Broadcast 604

Fanatic, you know that I like all of our shows. It’s easy to lose perspective or to wonder if I have any in the first place. I like all the songs we listen to, I like doing the show, I like that you listen. I like the whole thing. I just hope you do. If you don’t, there is absolutely no point to doing the show at all! Ugh. This is dangling sword under which I put our playlists together. 

I hope you are digging the new time slot and also remember you can go on the archive and listen on Sundays if you prefer. 

As you know, the experts say that we are heading into a season that threatens to be dangerous for the spread of the virus. Please stay safe as you can, no matter what it takes. 

Until next week, keep the records spinning and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry