KCRW Broadcast 617

Fanatic! I hope the week was good and safe. We have a great show lined up for you. A lot of new jams. One I’m excited about is at the beginning of our second hour, a new track by Party Dozen called The Worker. It has a cool video that the label has told me is okay to post the address of here.

It’s Friday evening as I’m writing this. I’m gathering a good batch of records to check out tonight. So far I’ve got some album called Machine Gun Etiquette, a David Bowie bootleg I’ve been waiting to play and there very well could be a Joy Division record that could find its way to the turntable.

Another weekend of solitary confinement. Good thing there’s music. Hope you dig the show. Thanks for tuning in!

Stay safe, stay healthy and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry