KCRW Broadcast 646

Fanatic! I hope you had a great week and that you’ve been staying safe, as boring as it can be, I know. This is our second show for August. Two more until we find ourselves in September. I’ve already started work on the first broadcast.  

I’ve been on an almost nightly Lodger jag. Also, every Friday night, it’s a spin through Diminished Responsibility by the UK Subs. I have  rule on this one. I can’t play it past August 31 until at least May, so I’m getting all the plays in I can. This record always sounds great to me. 

I preordered the Chimers LP and got three tracks from it which I just played and I think they’re really good. Looking forward to hearing the rest. 

Also, there’s a new Cold Beat album called War Garden. We’re going to start tracks from it soon. I have the record now and it’s really good. This is going to be great autumn listening. 

Here’s an edited rerun of last week’s new release notices. 

A few things. I got word that Alicja Trout’s excellent Alicja-Pop album Howlin’ hit a light speed bump as the covers came out a bit off center. More are being printed up. So, release might be a little delayed. Here’s the pre order address.  

Great news! There is new Fake Names music. It’s a three track record. 

You know that thing I do now and then when I tell you I’ve heard something that I can’t talk about yet but it’s really good? I don’t like doing that to you but I’m always trying to bring you good news, even though it might take awhile to break. Okay, so now we can reveal.

Several weeks ago, I was over at Ty Segall’s place. I asked him how many albums he had coming out that week. He said he had a new one ready to go for release later in the year. He gave me a test pressing. I got it back to my place and put it on. THIS RECORD IS BLOWING MY MIND. It’s so cool. The press release is out, so now I can tell you. I cannot wait to get tracks started on this one!!! Ty Segall - Harmonizer LP out in October on Drag City  

New Alan Vega! Alan Vega The After Dark album is available right now on In The Red Records. I’ve had a test pressing of this one for months and now that it’s out, we can get into it.  

Also, new Chimers LP info 

Yes Vacancy info 

Mr. Teenage info 

Carpet Burn info

SO . . . there’s a lot of great music to check out and more to look forward to. 

You know how Larry Hardy and I are always up to something, right? We have some amazing releases ready to go in the next several days. Stay tuned. They are limited and will probably go fast. 

As for tonight’s show, it’s a great gathering of tunes. We hope you dig it. We’re hard at work preparing next week’s show.  

Thank you for checking out these notes and listening. Hang in there and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry