KCRW Broadcast 674

Fanatic. Mark Lanegan passed away a few days ago. That’s a loss. I think the last time I talked with him was when we were doing shows at the same venue years ago. 

 I just got back from the post box and my copy of the new Exek album, Advertise Here. This is a very cool band. 

I don’t know if you ordered the Dischord 7” box set but if you did, you chose well. I got  a copy today and it is so well done. You are going to be very happy. 

My tour dates are starting soon. Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 3 will be on sale at the shows. 

Info on the tour dates here.

We have a tremendous line up of tunes for you tonight. 

Have a great week and stay Fanatic. 

–– Henry