KCRW Broadcast 746

Fanatic! It’s early in the morning and I’ve been listening to great music. Two records stand out. You can check them on Bandcamp. 

From Finland - Tuusanuuskat

From China - The Offset: Spectacles

This is a perfect Bandcamp situation. You can check out the music for the right price. 

Snooper is playing tonight and I’m going! It will be my second time seeing them. They’re a great live band and their new album Super Snõõper is excellent. 

The new Osees album Intercepted Message is easily one of the best things they’ve ever done.

I have a lot of shows happening this year, including two club shows in London in a few days.

We have a great show lined up for you, Fanatic. I built this one over a few afternoons in New Zealand. I listened back to it earlier this week and I still like it. 

Maintain your hydration and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry