KCRW Broadcast 79


So good to be with you again. I am back from Scotland. The tour I started in January finally came to an end a few nights ago and I miss it already. Thanks for listening to the shows over the summer and for all the great letters from last week's big jam out show.

You know, you can always find a different version of tonight's broadcast notes as well as some more of my whimsy by going to the LA Weekly site and checking out the brand new column that I do there every week.


I think the new thang is posted every Friday. So, check it out if you want to. As you listen to the show, I will be in an airplane, heading to China. Tonight's show explains the journey I am leaving on. I will be back in about a month if I get through it all in one piece.

While I am out there, I will be coming up with our October shows. I think there's going to be a Fela hour on our show for the 16th, as the day before was his birthday. I have been debating back and forth whether to lay a Damned Black Album show on y'all like last year. That, to me, is THE October listen. I don't want to bore you Fanatics with that though, we have already done that idea. Perhaps a Damned hour would hit the spot. So many times with this show, I am not done with you in a mere two hours. I would like the show to go on for at least another two hours or at least have Friday and Saturday night slots to do the thing. I will come up with something. I looked at the past shows and we did that Black Album jam on 10-24-09. I will come up with something.

I don't know what the availability of music will be for acquisition on this trip, as always, I will do the best I can to find some cool local stuff and bring it back. Some places are more target rich environments than others as far as finding music.

So, let's look over tonight's delights, shall we? The briefest of perusals through our program tonight could possibly lead one to believe that there's a bit of a concept going on here. You will notice, sprinkled in with music from distant geographic points. You will also notice feeble attempts to tie these points to other songs. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much but at least all the tunes are good. Throw in large portions at bad humor and rampant mistakes, and we have yet another annihilation of one hundred and twenty minutes!

And so, now you are left with the task of getting though all this with your self-respect intact. Have fun with that and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Various - Tashwayi / Phases Of The Moon
02. Banzaii - Chinese Kung-Fu / Single
03. Monty Python - I Like Chinese / Contractual Obligation Album
04. John Cale - Chinese Envoy / For Your Neighbour's Wife - Live In Europe '80 + '83
05. Radio Pyongyang - New Model Army / Radio Pyongyang
06. Fats Domino - Korea Blues / Out Of New Orleans Vol. 01
07. The Germs - Communist Eyes / Germs Complete
08. The Teen Idles - Commie Song / Flex Your Head
09. The Pop Group - Forces Of Oppression / For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?
10. Minutemen – Disguises / The Punch Line
11. Sumya & Orchibat - The Sun That Shines Above The Earth / Vocal & Instrumental Music Of Mongolia
12. Devo - Mongoloid (Booji Boy Version) / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
13. Huun-Huur-Tu Highland Tune / Where Young Grass Grows
14. The Telephone - How Much Is A Handshake? / The First Annual Business Deal Company Picnic
15. Sissaya Heyku - Spinning Wheel / Native Music Of Nepal
16. High On Fire - The Yeti / Surrounded By Thieves
17. Tony Conrad With Faust - The Pyre Of Angus Was In Kathmandu / Tony Conrad With Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate: 30th Anniversary Edition
18. Various - Cérémonie De Prosternation (Phyag-'Tshel-Pa) / Tibet: Musiques Sacrées
19. The Beastie Boys – Shadrach / Paul's Boutique
20. Thelonious Monk - Crepuscule With Nellie / Complete Riverside Recordings
21. Monks - I Hate You / Black Monk Time
22. Monks & Nuns Of The Drukpa Order - Genyen Gi Topa / Tibetan Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan Vol. 1: Rituals Of The Drukpa Order
23. Ly Ngúa Ô - Vo Chong Làm Biéng / Ho! #1 - Roady Music from Vietnam
24. Robert Pete Williams - Vietnam Blues / Robert Pete Williams
25. New York Dolls - Vietnamese Baby / New York Dolls
26. 4 Red Zao Women - Too Pouan Toy Tiemto / Ethnic Minority Music Of North Vietnam