Tim 'Love' Lee and Organic Audio

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With a penchant for roughed up samples and slabs of punky beats, Tummy Touch head honcho Tim 'Love' Lee has been busy laying down his own vision of British 90s dancehall funk. Like big beat, only tougher, looser and way more debauched, as the albums 'Confessions Of A Selector' and 'Tim Love Lee's XXX-Mas Selection' both display to glorious effect.
Organic Audio is Andy Spence, better known to some as one half of the Freakniks. Inspired by Brazilian batucada, latin house, balearic grooves, cocktails, Masters At Work and exotic fruits, apparently, Spence grew up in Cambridge with various musical miscreants including Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) and Tummy Touch head man Tim 'Love' Lee. With The Freakniks still very much a going concern, Spence takes time off to make wonderfully saucy dancefloor tunes wrought from sexy house beats and twirling Latin percussion.