MBE Podcast: French Style Furs, Bob Mould, Timber Timbre

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It’s the Morning Becomes Eclectic podcast and we’ve pulled highlights from live in studio sessions by some amazing artists.

We’ll start things with French Style Furs, which is a side project by Nathan Willet and Matt Maust of the Cold War Kids. They were recently in studio playing new songs off their self-titled debut album but fear not CWK fans, there’s new material from the original lineup on the horizon.

Next we’ll hear a few songs by the legendary punk rock icon Bob Mould. His latest album Beauty & Ruin showed no signs of slowing down from the former Hüsker Dü and Sugar member and was yet another reminder as to why he’s one of the most enduring figures in alternative rock.

Finally we’ll hear a few selections from the indie band Timber Timbre. This group has a signature, cinematic folk and blues inspired sound, which is prevalent in the latest release, Hot Dreams. The Canadian group played a handful of new songs on their recent visit to KCRW.


  1. All The Way Down / French Style Furs
  2. Solitary Life / French Style Furs
  3. Turn Or Burn / French Style Furs
  4. Clairvaux Prison / French Style Furs
  5. (World In My) Bloodstream / French Style Furs
  6. I Don't Know You Anymore / Bob Mould
  7. The Descent / Bob Mould
  8. In A Free Land / Bob Mould
  9. The War / Bob Mould
  10. Curtains?! / Timber Timbre
  11. The New Tomorrow / Timber Timbre
  12. This Low Commotion / Timber Timbre

Banner Image: Nathan Willett of French Style Furs; Credit: Libby Pierson





Ariana Morgenstern