MBE Podcast: Nick Waterhouse, Kins & Public Service Broadcasting

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Welcome to the latest installment of the Morning Becomes Eclectic Podcast. This episode features live, in-studio highlights from Southern California native Nick Waterhouse, U.K. indie outfit Kins, a few from Public Service Broadcasting.

The first group we'll preview is London-based, Public Service Broadcasting. This duo uses clips from old British informational and propaganda films placed over fun and danceable beats to create a detailed collage that’s meant to educate and entertain.

Next we’ll hear highlights from Southern California native Nick Waterhouse. Nick's rhythm and blues-inspired rock is somewhat of a throwback as he carefully adds touches of jazz and soul to make it swing.

Finally we’ll hear a few selections from the indie-pop band Kins. With members from Australia and England, the group has settled into the music scene of Brighton which they use as the backdrop for their sophisticated guitar driven sound.


  1. ROYGBIV / Public Service Broadcasting
  2. Spitfire / Public Service Broadcasting
  3. Everest / Public Service Broadcasting
  4. Holly / Nick Waterhouse
  5. Dead Room / Nick Waterhouse
  6. Say I Wanna Know / Nick Waterhouse
  7. This Is A Game / Nick Waterhouse
  8. Mockasin's / Kins
  9. Cliché Ridden / Kins
  10. Aimless / Kins

Banner Image: Nick Waterhouse; Credit: Larry Hirshowitz





Ariana Morgenstern