MBE July 27: Hump Day mixtape

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UK musician and producer Aaron Jerome, known as Sbtrkt, is back after 6 years with “Miss The Days” featuring vocals from Leyla. He expertly revivies drum and bass while creating room to breathe on this track. Another group providing the fast breakbeats and synthy sounds for our humpday is English funk/acid jazz band Jamiroquai teaming up with jungle producer M-Beat with their 1996 release  “Do You Know Where You’re Coming From?”

Plus, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs releases the final single from his forthcoming album, due out Sept 9th! “Never Seen You Dance” is giving bittersweet '80s soul, and has a delightful accompanying music video that’ll make you want to dance like no one's watching. He’s performing LIVE at the Lodge Room on November 22nd.

And Sly5thAve and The Club Casa Chamber Orchestra do Kendrick justice on their beautiful cover “Don't Kill My Vibe.” This Saturday, KCRW’s Summer Nights and LA’s iconic Grand Performances are teaming up for a special night featuring Sly5thAve along with DJ sets from KCRW’s SiLVA This Saturday and it’s free to RSVP here.





Anna Chang