MBE July 5: Anthony’s sonic home tour, Novena’s choir, classic Stevie Wonder

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“There’s a welcome mat at the door, and if you come on in, you’re gonna get much more…” 

That’s right, you’re in Anthony’s house today, taking the MBE helm solo for the sonic architectural tour you didn’t know you were missing. We’ve got the “Special Disco Version” of Diana Ross’ classic “It’s My House,” a Toro y Moi throwback ahead of a very special live session coming your way soon, some Stevie Wonder by request, and much more.

That’s not to say Novena is totally absent from today’s show — her formidable alto is featured on Today’s Top Tune as part of Jimetta Rose & The Voices of Creation’s knockout track “Let the Sunshine In.” 

Ms. Carmel will be back in MBE co-hosting action tomorrow, and she’s bringing recent LA transplant Ambar Lucid along with her. The 21-year-old songstress, whose work is informed by Latin rhythms and magical realism, will be hipping us to some of her favorite fellow young creators ahead of her kickoff Summer Nights show at the Hammer on Thursday. In the meantime… whose house is it really? It’s your house, pals, so get on in there and dig the walls of sound.





Anna Chang