MBE May 31: Brian Jackson returns and Danielle Ponder hits the scene

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It's never too late for a comeback! After making music with Gil Scott-Heron for a decade, Brian Jackson took a 35-year detour as an IT specialist before returning with a solo album of fresh and timeless grooves titled “This Is Brian Jackson.” We jump into it with “All Talk,” which takes us to that golden era of soul-funk.

Another artist proving that you can live multiple lives and career paths is Danielle Ponder, a former public defender-turned-soul powerhouse who just dropped the new single “The Only Way Out” from her forthcoming debut album.

Plus, bass-driven salsa grooves on La Pambele’s “Traigo El Bongo” out of Bogota and the 1980 track “Tamanqueiro,” written by Brazilian artist Elizio de Buzios, whose inspiration and song title was inspired by the Portuguese word for clog maker. Yet another artist with a full time job, alongside making music.





Anna Chang