Welcome to the Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour!

It’s Pee-wee on the decks at KCRW!
Photo courtesy of Pee-wee Herman

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SoCal’s drought restrictions are over for now, but this winter’s rainwater won’t last long. LA County captured lots of stormwater, but not enough to provide lasting relief.

from Greater LA

What pies could constitute a full dinner? Consider a savory one with swiss chard for the main course, and a sweet one with rhubarbs and raspberries for dessert.

A new book called “The Black Guy Dies First: Black Horror Cinema From Fodder To Oscar” traces 50 years of Black characters and culture in scary movies.

Las Fotos Project teaches photography to young women and gender-expansive youth from communities of color. And they don’t just use phone cameras.

from Greater LA

There aren't many media outlets in Los Angeles, or anywhere, investing in this kind journalism.

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May 1 is the end of the current contract between Hollywood studios and film/TV writers who are represented by WGA. This week, the two sides started negotiating.

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