Wreckless Eric: ‘Standing Water’

Back in 1977, Wreckless Eric had a mega-hit with “Whole Wide World,” a love song of epic proportion that has been covered by a wide range of countless artists who have also benefited from the recording — from The Monkees to Cage The Elephant — and was even featured in an ad during the 2022 Super Bowl. 

Interestingly enough, the writer, engineer, and producer Eric Goulden wasn’t interested in the fame bestowed on him and the moniker he’d been given, so he went underground. Goulden has released 20 albums since then under various names until making peace with Wreckless Eric. His latest album, Leisureland — due late August — reaches into the past and moves into the future while retaining his authentic sound, which you’ll hear on “Standing Water.” 





Ariana Morgenstern