Fun and Crazy Songs That I Love

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This week’s playlist is just a crazy mix of songs from past and present that I love. Jumping right in, we start with a 1980’s U.K. group called The Flying Lizards, from an album of cover songs and their stiff-upper-lip version of James Brown’s “Sex Machine.” A Lebanese cover of Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s “Somethin’ Stupid” follows. Then we’ll hear a cut by Roger Damawuzan from the CD African Scream Contest, reminding us of James Brown’s influence on young African musicians in the 60’s and 70’s.

I love Lancelot Layne‘s song “Yo Tink It Sorf,” even though I don’t know what the heck “sorf” is. A classic Howlin’ Wolf song comes next (remember the 1950’s sexist “built for speed,built for comfort”?). I don’t agree with that, but I still like the song. Ladies (and gentlemen), please don’t be offended.

Bebo Valdes, patriarch of the great Cuban piano dynasty, plays our next song, but also listen for a great trumpet solo by Diego Urcola. This album, on the German Messidor label, brought Bebo out of retirement and relaunched his career. He had been working as a cocktail pianist in the northern part of Sweden near the north pole for 20 plus years.

Then we hear a Congolese take on Cuban music, with Tchico Tchicaya riffing on “El Manicero” but this time, the peanut vendor has left!!! Following that is Marianne Faithful‘s “Penthouse Serenade” from her wonderful Island release Strange Weather. I think the CD should be re-released given global climate change. We turn to some soca (soul calypso) with the great Mighty Shadow. It’s classic music from Trinidad.

Now a track from a very strange album called The Real Life of Plants, featuring Indian, Tuvan, Senegalese, and Samiland (Finnish) music. Mickey Hart are you listening? Finally, we get a cool song from the late Don Cherry, a jazz musician who explored world music back before the term was coined. He was also the trumpet player in the Ornette Coleman band.

Rhythm Planet Playlist for 11/11/16:

  1. The Flying Lizards / “Sex Machine” / Top Ten / Statik Records
  2. Jean-Marie Riachi / “Bhebbak (Somethin’ Stupid)” / Belaaks / Oreole Records
  3. Roger Damawuzan / “Wait for Me” / African Scream Contest (Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin & Togo 70s) / Analog Africa
  4. Lancelot Layne / “Yo Tink It Sorf” / Calypsoul 70 / Strut Records
  5. Howlin’ Wolf / “Built for Comfort” / The Real Folk Blues/More Real Folk Blues / Chess Records
  6. Bebo Valdes / “To Mario Bauza” / Bebo Rides Again / Messidor
  7. Afro Festival Led by Fantastic Tchico Tchicaya / “El Manicero Se Va” / Sofrito: International Soundclash / Strut Records
  8. Marianne Faithfull / “Penthouse Serenade” / Strange Weather / Island Records
  9. Mighty Shadow / “Dat Soca Boat” / Sofrito – Tropical Discotheque / Strut Records
  10. Vershki Da Koreshki (Roots and Leaves) / “Pitchendebin” / Real Life of Plants / Shanachie
  11. Don Cherry and Latif Kahn / “Air Mail” / Music/Sangam / Heavenly Sweetness

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