New and Noteworthy Releases

Nice new releases have been piling up on my desk, and now it's time to share them.

We begin with Jimmy Cobb, drummer on Miles Davis' famous 1959 album, Kind of Blue, playing a cool version of the classic song "Old Devil Moon". We follow with two fine guitarists, Brazilian Chico Pinheiro, and LA-based Anthony Wilson, who is usually touring with Diana Krall. Mia Doi Todd does a nice version of Jobim's gorgeous "Double Rainbow", here called "Chovendo Na Roseira".

Then we change things out a bit with an edgy song by the group SBTRKT called "New Dorp. New York". At first I thought it was a misspelling of "drop", but after looking it up I found that it's a Dutch word for an area on Staten Island, going back to the early days when New York was still Nieuw Amsterdam. Then some 1970s proto-raï from Cheb Zergui, post-Independence but pre-Khaled.

Orlando Julius introduced juju music, the Nigerian style made famous later by King Sunny Ade. He's accompanied on this new Strut album by the Heliocentrics.

And finally a great version of an international trifecta giving us a nice version of Cesaria Evora's famous song, "Sodade". Lila Downs from Mexico/U.S., Niña Pastori, a top Spanish flamenco artist, and Soledad, a pop star in Argentina.

We top this week's show off with American guitarist Nate Najar's nice album of Brazilian classics, then an intriguing cut by Olivier Ker Ourio, who I thought hailed from Reunion (mea culpa) but in fact is French from Brittany.

Hope you enjoy these 10 fine new releases!

Rhythm Planet Playlist: 8/15/14

  1. Jimmy Cobb/ Old Devil Moon / The Original Mob / Smoke Session
  2. Chico Pinheiro & Anthony Wilson / Requebre Que Eu Dou Um / Nova / Goat Hill
  3. Mia Doi Todd / Chovendo Na Roseira / Floresta / City Zen
  4. SBTRKT / New Dorp. New York / Wonder Where We Land / XL Recordings
  5. Cheb Zergui / Ana Dellali (I Cuddle Myself) / 1970s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground / Sublime Frequencies
  6. Orlando Julius / Omo Oba Blues / Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics / Strut
  7. Alejandro Morales Repilado / La Cafetera De Lola / Best of Buena Vista / Arc Music
  8. Lila Downs, Nina Pastori, Soledad / Sodade / Raiz / RCA
  9. Nate Najar Trio / Ampare (Olha Maria) / Aquarela Do Brasil / Candid
  10. Olivier Ker Ourio / Mange Poulecoeur / Oversea / Dreyfus Jazz

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Tom Schnabel