Seductive New Releases from ECM and ACT

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This week Rhythm Planet features great new releases from the German-based labels ECM and ACT, featuring June Tabor, Aaron Parks, Susanne Abbuehl, Ralph Towner, and others. This is listening music, quiet and introspective.

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Track List

  1. Ralph Towner Et Al / Father Time / Travel Guide / ECM
  2. Zsofia Boros / Cancion Triste / En Otra Parte / ECM
  3. Susanne Abbuehl / My River Runs To You / The Gift / ECM
  4. June Tabor / This Is Always / Quercus / ECM
  5. Aaron Parks / River Ways / Arborescence / ECM
  6. Leszek Mozdzer & Danielsson  / Chai Peimot / Polska / Act

Tom Schnabel