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EpisodeDengue, an illness that is spreading worldwide
Perhaps another link to global climate change.
Episode C headerThe relationship between race and food in the South
A new history of the modern South looks at the intersection of race and food. Meantime, black farmers are still struggling to hang on to their land as a legal loophole works against them. Back in the kitchen, we hear about Asian dishes to make right now, get a history of the Kellogg’s corn flake, and Jonathan Gold reviews Bone Kettle.
Episode Octet StreamJonathan Gold dines at Bone Kettle in Pasadena
This week, LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold dines at Bone Kettle in Pasadena. Find out which dishes Jonathan recommends and read his LA Times review.
Episode Troff documentLatest Friday Broadcast
The latest Friday broadcast of All Things Considered.
Episode Troff documentThe legacy of the Charlottesville protest
Should Confederate monuments come down?
Episode Octet StreamWhat does Bannon's departure mean for the White House and right-wing media?
Steve Bannon was fired today, or quit, or left by mutual agreement -- depending on who you ask. We look at his time in the White House, the right-wing media environment he helped create, and whatever his future may be.
EpisodeRace politics and the NFL's culture of silence
Devoted sports fans may not like it, but America's most divisive controversy has reached the National Football League. We'll hear how players are speaking out — for racial equality and protection from debilitating injury.
EpisodeSarah Pillsbury: Breakthrough films and Liberty Hill
The film producer discusses her career in entertainment and her Los Angeles foundation.
EpisodeWhen one vote leads to a recall
What happens if you don’t like your local representative? How do you get rid of them?
Episode Octet StreamSarah Charlesworth at LACMA
Hunter Drohojowska-Philp recalls the late artist's impact on photography in art.
Episode Haskell source codeStunt community asking tough questions after 2 recent deaths
A motorcycle racer named Joi "SJ" Harris died on the set of Deadpool 2 this week while attempting a stunt for the film. Harris was an accomplished racer, but did not have stunt experience. Some in the stunt community are asking why she was hired in the first place, and saying that her death could have been prevented.
Episode Troff documentLatest Thursday Broadcast
The latest Thursday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeRyan Gattis: Safe
Ryan Gattis reveals that one day he got a call, asking if he'd like to watch a former gang member crack a safe.  Thus, the novel Safe was born.
Episode ECMAScript programZealous, terrifying women: Ann Dowd on her Emmy-nominated performances
Ann Dowd earned two Emmy nominations this year. In “The Handmaid’s Tale,” she plays Aunt Lydia, a religious zealot who indoctrinates the handmaids. In “The Leftovers,” she plays Patti Levin, a cult leader who wants the world to live in perpetual mourning.
EpisodeQuakes, nuts and 66ers: It's baseball, California style!
From Lake Elsinore and Rancho Cucamonga to Stockton and Visalia, the California League entertains baseball fans while reflecting some of the struggles faced by the state as whole.
EpisodeWhite supremacy on campuses: Moral crisis for higher education?
Last weekend's deadly violence at the University of Virginia is a wake-up-call for leaders of higher education. It's another example of how the so-called alt-right is recruiting on campuses—utilizing protections for free speech. We hear about possible responses to a challenging strategy.
Episode Troff documentPromoted post
Rob promotes a lot of stuff on his Instagram feed, or wishes he could, if he had any followers.
Episode Troff documentLatest Wednesday Broadcast
The latest Wednesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeRuPaul: RuPaul's Drag Race
Actor and drag queen extraordinaire, RuPaul joins Elvis Mitchell to discuss mainstream success of RuPaul's Drag Race.
EpisodeTrump's rise and America's fall
President Donald Trump gave a startling, off-the-cuff press conference Tuesday, blaming “both sides” for recent violence in Charlottesville, and describing protesters opposed to white supremacists as “very violent.” That scene caused some to wonder how we got here.
Episode text/texmacsThe president boosts white supremacists
Once again, President Trump is blaming "both sides" for this weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — legitimizing white supremacy like no other modern president. We hear much more.
Episode x-conference/x-cooltalkInside Voice
A young singer-songwriter's voice starts out sounding like a girl, ends up sounding like a man...and helps him find his true voice along the way.  [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]
Episode audio/x-realaudioTaste some Japanese grapes growing in Ventura
At a farm in the Ventura town of Fillmore, a family is growing Japanese table grapes. Like Concord grapes, they are big and juicy. But, they have a unique flavor and aroma.
EpisodeArtists, scholars and politicians on the museum stage
Edward Goldman talks about what's happens on museum stages after the galleries are closed.
EpisodeWhen the policy is more important than the dramaturgy
The trouble with autobiographical solo shows is that sometimes what happens in life doesn’t match up with the best dramaturgy. In Alex Alpharoah’s case, that’s a good thing.
Episode Troff documentLatest Tuesday Broadcast
The latest Tuesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
Episode Octet StreamThree changing waterfronts in Southern California
Developers have big plans to make over older waterfronts in San Pedro, San Diego and Santa Barbara. It’s the next step in the urbanization of these cities. Old world-style fishing villages are out. In are coming designers Bjarke Ingels, James Corner and bigger commercial attractions. Their designs vary and so does public response. How will they affect the character and life of these coastal destinations?
EpisodeTrump's off-the-cuff news conference: Alt-left, neo-Nazis and Charlottesville
This afternoon, President Trump defended his initial response to the violence in Charlottesville, saying he needs all the facts before making a statement. He said there was blame on "both sides." He described some protesters opposed to the white supremacists as “very violent." And he wondered aloud about the removal of confederate statues.
EpisodeNorth Korea and Trump diplomacy
Kim Jung Un has backed away from his plan to target missiles near Guam. Is that the result of President Trump's tough talk? Former Defense Chief Leon Panetta says, "It's not time to declare victory, yet." We talk with him and others.
EpisodeAfter 15 years at ABC, Shonda Rhimes goes to Netflix
As the battle between networks for TV talent heats up, the prolific showrunner Shonda Rhimes is jumping ship at ABC and making her way to Netflix -- and she's not alone. Fellow prodigious broadcast showrunner Chuck Lorre also announced a huge deal with the streaming giant.

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