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EpisodeSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Within the first 30 seconds you know you’re watching something new. A sensational title sequence threatens to be the design equivalent of flash bang grenades, yet the art isn’t assaultive, only inventive, with colors that stretch the spectrum as far as the eye can see.
Episode2018’s best cookbooks and restaurant openings
Holiday gift buying is in full swing, and so we’re looking back on a year of stellar cookbooks with Celia Sack of Omnivore Books. We’re also highlighting two great indie food zines you should know about. Plus: chef Anita Lo goes “Solo” and Zach Brooks and Evan Kleiman dissect their favorite restaurants of the year.
EpisodeLessons learned a year after the Thomas Fire and debris flow
A year ago, the Thomas Fire swallowed large swaths of Ventura County and lept into Santa Barbara’s front country, setting the stage for the late-night debris flow that took 23 lives. As we observe those anniversaries, we’re checking back with those we spoke with in the immediate aftermath.
EpisodeProud to shut down
President Trump says he’ll gladly take dire action if Congress won’t fund his border wall.
EpisodeCalifornia Wildfires: Learning to Live in the New Abnormal
We’ve just had some terrible fires: Woolsey, Camp, Thomas. More of those fires will come again -- bigger and hotter. Californians need to figure out how to cope with this new reality, and plan ahead. We broadcast a portion of Press Play’s live event: “California Wildfires: Learning to Live in the New Abnormal.”
Episode Troff documentHeading for the fire exit
Thousands of Californians are spending the holidays deciding what to do next after devastating wildfires. The Camp Fire – in northern California – took out nearly an entire town, killing at least 86 people. And the Woolsey Fire, closer to home, left 3 people dead, chewing through nearly 100,000 acres in L.A. and Ventura Counties. Ken Pimlott knows those names all too well. He heads up the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and today is his last day on the job.
Episode Troff document (with manpage macros)Is California About to Execute an Innocent Man?
In part one of a two-part interview, 33-year death row inmate Kevin Cooper—also an artist of exhibited works and a published author—describes his fight to prove his innocence of a heinous murder and asks why Gov. Brown refuses testing that could prove his innocence, identify the real killer and prove he was framed.
Episode backup filePeter Jackson gives WWI footage new life in 'They Shall Not Grow Old'
Peter Jackson generated whole worlds for his ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ trilogies. His latest project? A documentary that magically brings to life old footage shot on the front lines of World War One. The restoration of 100-year-old film was no easy feat. He tells us about his newest film, ‘They Shall Not Grow Old.’
Episode Octet StreamJesse Mockrin at Night Gallery and Taylor Mac at UCLA
Hunter Drohojowska-Philp praises realist paintings based on Greek mythology
EpisodeSo. Much. TV.
This year's numbers are in, and according to an annual study done by FX, there are more scripted original series than ever before. We're at 495 shows for 2018, up from 487 last year.
Episode PGP keysKatharine Weber: Still Life with Monkey
Dramatic, emotional, and philosophical, Katherine Weber’s, Still Life with Monkey, is a profound book written in the old style, with depths orchestrated by the author.
EpisodeHot for the holidays
The Coachella Valley is the next best thing to the Judaean Desert when it comes to Christmas.
EpisodeSpencer the Gardener’s frontman gabs about Santa Barbara’s music scene
The band Spencer the Gardener has been playing at bars and music venues in Santa Barbara for decades. We sit down with the frontman to talk about how the local live music scene has changed over the years.
Episode ECMAScript programDespite evacuation orders, some Malibu residents 'stay and defend' homes
The Woolsey Fire destroyed 670 structures in Malibu, including more than 400 single family homes.  That makes it the most destructive fire in the history of that beachside community. But some residents say even more homes would have been lost, if not for the private citizens who defied mandatory evacuation orders to protect their neighborhoods. The homeowners who stay during a fire can be a nuisance for fire fighters... but they say they're not going anywhere next time.
Episode‘If Beale Street Could Talk:’ filmmaker Barry Jenkins adapts James Baldwin’s novel
Barry Jenkins’ new movie is “If Beale Street Could Talk,” an adaptation of a James Baldwin novel. It’s a love story in 1970s Harlem, told in flashbacks. When 19-year-old Tish discovers she’s pregnant, her family works hard to get her partner, Fonny, out of prison in time for the birth.
Episode StuffIt archiveMetro considers “congestion pricing” to pay for mass transit
Transportation officials in LA County have laid out 28 projects they want to complete before the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. To pay for it, LA Metro CEO Phil Washington last week floated a controversial approach: charging tolls on freeways during times of highest use, or what’s known as “congestion pricing.”
Episode'Mr. Cohen should have known better'
President Trump's ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen is sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for what the judge called a “smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct.”
Episode application/x-makerThe connection between Brexit and The Jungle Book
Actor Andy Serkis recently spoofed British Prime Minister Theresa May -- as one of his most famous characters, Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings.” He shares his thoughts on Brexit, and its parallels to his new movie “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle.” He plays Baloo, and also directs the film.
Episode C headerThe Yellow Laugh
A notorious dictator demands a recut of the documentary about him – or else.
Episode VCS/ICS calendarCalifornia Gets Back into Presidential Politics
In 1972, California clinched the presidential nomination for Democrat George McGovern. Since then, the biggest state has become an ATM for candidates of both parties. But starting in 2020 all eyes will be on California as it moves its primary up to a month after the Iowa caucuses.
EpisodeJohn Krasinski: A Quiet Place
Actor turned director John Krasinski talks theme of loneliness in "A Quiet Place."
EpisodeArt as a Headache, Art as Medicine
Edward Goldman talks about closed-minded versus open-minded interpretations of art.
Episode VCS/ICS calendarWill charging a deputy satisfy DA's critics?
It has not happened in nearly 2 decades. But the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against a law enforcement officer for shooting an unarmed person. The decision, however, has many folks scratching their heads, wondering why other cases with similar circumstances did not garner the same legal response.
EpisodeCher, fashion icon; Designing RBG’s early career; a Culver City mystery
“The Cher Show” is a celebration of the rocky but triumphant life of Cher -- and 600 of her spectacular outfits created by the legendary designer Bob Mackie. Also, a production designer shares the decorating tastes of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And a mid-century concert hall gets restored, and with it a design mystery is solved.
Episode D source codeThe not-so-glamorous lives of immigrants who trim weed
Thousands of young migrants descend on Northern California’s Emerald Triangle every year to trim marijuana plants. They come for an adventure, but the work is difficult, isolated, and sometimes dangerous.
EpisodeGripes and grumbles from the year in television
A few weeks ago, we did TV we're thankful for. This week, we let ourselves get a little bit Grinchy.
EpisodeIdaho or Bust – Californians Make an Impact in Boise
The housing crisis is pushing Californians out of the Golden State and into cheaper housing markets around the country. Boise, Idaho, has become the fastest growing metro area in the nation… and a lot of those newcomers are former Californians.Our dollars go a lot further there, but that’s causing a bit of friction with the locals.
EpisodeThe Unicorns
Justin talks about what it’s like to be a filmmaker outside of the traditional studio system with producers Alana Mayo from Michael B. Jordan's new production company, Outlier Society, and independent producer Cameron Washington.
Episode D source codeFinding the Void
What makes a place home? Is it a place that feels like a refuge? Is it somewhere you sleep really, really well? What if the place that feels like home is a secret apartment in the bowels of a giant mall?
EpisodeOC GOP Wonders What Awaits Them in 2020
Party leaders debate how to win back congressional seats and regain its power in Orange County.

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