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Kim McCarty Paints!

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Kim McCarty is a painter given to consistent reinvention. For the past decade, she has been experimenting with watercolor on a grand scale, painting lithe young boys and girls, often nude, occasionally with a provocative or sensual edge. Having shown at many museums and galleries, she is now at mid-career and having a unique museum experience.

Kim McCarty, "Untitled"
Approx. 15 x 11 inches, watercolor on paper
Courtesy of the artist

As of this Saturday, April 6,  she has set up a studio at the Santa Monica Museum of Art where she will paint small watercolors that will then be for sale through their store Gracie for as little as $300. Her larger watercolors now sell for five figures at her New York gallery so these are not only a bargain, they benefit the museum itself since she gives a large portion of the profit to them. Children, dogs and flowers are some of the intimate and personal subjects that she paints as a matter of course but these works are on a smaller scale.

Kim McCarty, "Untitled"
Approx. 15 x 11 inches, watercolor on paper
Courtesy of the artist

In addition, she is offering a series of short workshops where you can paint alongside her from April 11 to 20. At the moment, they are filled but you can always ask if there is a cancellation. This is no small benefit. Watercolor is considered the most difficult medium and McCarty specializes in wet on wet technique. How often do you get to pull back the curtain and see the wizard at work? For more information go to SMMOA.org.

Banner image: Kim McCarty in her studio, 2013. Photo by Elizabeth Pezza


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