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Photo: A tiny house under construction at the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM)

Big plans for tiny houses 17 MIN, 25 SEC

Tiny houses are growing in popularity, even though in most places in the US, people can't legally live in them. But that didn't stop a group of enthusiasts from coming to a two-day workshop a few weeks back at the Craft and Folk Art Museum -- or CAFAM. They came to meet, and learn from, one of the stars of the burgeoning tiny home world: Derek Diedricksen, the host of HGTV's Tiny House Builders. So what attracts people to living so small? Freedom from stuff, and the "debtor's prison" of 30-year mortgages? DnA hears from tiny house dreamers (including David Wolfe, Polly Harrold, Shaina Thompson and Susan Bernardo) and learns about how to live small on the down-low, while the legal issues are sorted out.

Polly Harrold participated in a tiny house building workshop at CAFAM
Frances Anderton

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, former TV host
Suzanne Isken, Craft and Folk Art Museum (@CraftAndFolk)
Michelle Boyle, tiny house enthusiast

Tiny homes are all the rage, but here's why the market is more bust than boom
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This LA musician built $1,200 tiny houses for the homeless

Homes for hope 11 MIN, 4 SEC

Tens of thousands of people are currently living on LA's streets. Last November voters passed Measure HHH -- to direct $1.3 billion to build more permanent supporting housing in LA County. Last week they passed Measure H, to provide the supportive services. But going from passing a measure to welcoming people into their new home is a long and laborious process. That's why the Martin Architecture and Design Workshop (MADWORKSHOP) and USC's School of Architecture teamed up with Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, a housing and homeless service provider in the San Fernando Valley, to design modular, temporary structures for the homeless.

Rendering of Homes for Hope
Photo courtesy the Martin Architecture and Design Workshop and USC

Sofia Borges, USC School of Architecture / MADWORKSHOP
Ken Craft, Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission (@hopeofthevalley)
R. Scott Mitchell, USC School of Architecture
Jayson Champlain, USC School of Architecture / MADWORKSHOP
Aleksander Drabovskiy, USC School of Architecture
Belinda Pak, USC School of Architecture / MADWORKSHOP

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