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The fight to get Denise Scott Brown co-credit for Robert Venturi's Pritzker Prize has touched a nerve with women architects. Hear Scott Brown talk with Guy Horton about keeping it equal as a creative couple, in an unequal profession. Plus, Alissa Walker talks to LA designing duo Makoto Mizutani and Benjamin Luddy of Scout Regalia, and Michael Jaime-Becerra narrates a love story that began in MacArthur Park.

Banner image: Denise Scott Brown and Guy Horton

Main Topic Denise Scott Brown 11 MIN, 24 SEC

After joining forces in the 1960's, Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi became one of the most famous couples in architecture, who influenced a generation with their research-based book, Learning from Las Vegas.

Then, in 1991, Robert Venturi was awarded the Pritzker prize, the highest architectural award for a global architect. Denise Scott Brown was not included in the award.

This past March, two students from the Women in Design organization at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design decided to rectify what they saw as a deep injustice, and launched a petition making the case that Denise Scott Brown should receive co-credit. The petition garnered thousands of signatures.

This month, the present Pritzker jury announced it would not revisit the decision, writing, “A later jury cannot reopen or second guess the work of an earlier jury, and none has ever done so.” She discussed the challenges facing women architects with Guy Horton


Denise Scott Brown, Architect
Guy Horton, DnA Design Journalist (@GuyHorton)

Main Topic LA Designer: Scout Regalia 8 MIN, 51 SEC

Makoto Mizutani and Benjamin Luddy are the two halves of Scout Regalia, a young design firm that is building itself a reputation for hardy, locally crafted furniture and products that support an outside life. Alissa Walker met the duo in their Echo Park studio and home, furnished with some of their products: a powder coated steel and white oak hardwood  junior ranger stool, a teepee with one of their picnic tables underneath, and a brightly colored bike; and a DIY garden box, where they make the  brackets and give buyers instructions on how to complete. Alissa learned about transitioning from buildings to products and back again, and what it means to be working and living together, 24/7.

Alissa Walker, Curbed (@awalkerinLA)
Makoto Mizutani, Scout Regalia
Benjamin Luddy, Scout Regalia

Main Topic Iconic Wilshire Boulevard: Michael Jaime-Becerra 8 MIN, 56 SEC

Last Sunday thousands pedaled and walked the stretch of Wilshire Boulevard between downtown and Fairfax Avenue, free of the cars. It was another hugely successful cicLAvia but this one came with a taste of architecture as well. As part of Pacific Standard Time Presents Modern Architecture in LA, the Getty sponsored a series of stories, bringing to life the buildings and planning that shaped a strip built largely during the zenith of car culture. We are concluding our series of Wilshire Boulevard Stories with a love story, born in Macarthur Park. Here is Los Angeles writer, Michael Jaime-Becerra, presenting Rosita and Michael.



Michael Jaime-Becerra, University of California, Riverside


Frances Anderton

Frances Anderton

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