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Photo: Siri, a short-haired terrier, is one of the lovable pets available for adoption at the new Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista, opening June 24. (Frances Anderton)

Fire safety in high-rise towers 6 MIN, 15 SEC

The exact cause of the fatal blaze that consumed London's Grenfell Tower in the Borough of Kensington is not yet known, but the findings will be closely watched by fire safety experts, designers and builders worldwide. That includes in Los Angeles where new high-rise towers are under construction, and some older towers are being retrofitted.

Grenfell Tower fire, June 14, 2017
Photo by Natalie Oxford

To find out more, DnA turned to Nathan Wittasek. He is a former fireman, now a fire protection engineer who has consulted on many high rises including Wilshire Grand, LA's tallest building which opens later this week. He talks about cultural attitudes to fire prevention, the challenges of retrofitting older towers, and lessons learned from past disasters that have made US towers much safer.

Nathan Wittasek, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (@codes411)

DnA: Despite shocking fires, high rises are safer than many buildings
Grenfell Tower refurbishment used cheaper cladding, tenants accused builders of shoddy workmanship
Desire to make London's Grenfell Tower 'prettier' likely escalated the blaze
Complex chain of companies that worked on Grenfell Tower raises oversight concerns
Could the Grenfell Tower disaster happen in New York?

Developer uses art to entice downtown LA tenants 12 MIN, 30 SEC

The owners of a new apartment complex in downtown LA are tapping artists for help marketing their building, OLiVE DTLA. They've launched a competition for an artist in residence, who would live at the complex for six months and engage the residents in the art-making process. This Thursday, June 22, they'll announce the winner of the competition.

A painted hallway inside OLiVE DTLA
Photo courtesy Wicked+

This is the latest example of a growing trend for real estate developers to bring street cred to new development by bringing in artists. So who is gaining here, and are there losers? Or do we simply have a more colorful city?

DnA producer Avishay Artsy spoke to Wolff Company director of marketing Amber Huntley-Ruiz; Street Art House co-founder Justin Fredericks; Crewest Studio co-founder Scott Power; and artists Lindsey Nobel and Joseph Lee.

Avishay Artsy, Producer, DnA: Design and Architecture (@heyavishay)

OLiVE DTLA launches artist-in-residence search
Developers launch artist-in-residence programs to lure cool crowd

PetSpace: a fancy treat for would-be pet owners 9 MIN, 44 SEC

Have you thought about adopting a cat, dog or bunny but can't quite take the leap?

Perhaps a spin on a giant, humanscale hamster wheel under the watchful eye of a giant animatronic cat might tickle your fancy. Or time spent watching doggies get a spa treatment in the Groom Room? Or watching kitties or bunnies play in custom designed adventure playgrounds?

Wallis Annenberg PetSpace uses design and technology to woo
prospective pet owners to bring home a four-legged friend
Photo by Frances Anderton

The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace is a high-tech, high-design adoption, education and research center focusing on the human-animal relationship. It's in Playa Vista in the heart of Silicon Beach, and it's the pet project of longtime LA philanthropist and ardent dog owner Wallis Annenberg. PetSpace, which opens June 24, draws on tech and many of the cool tricks of contemporary exhibition design to seduce you into going home with a pet.

So is this an over the top temple to our furry friends? Or an accessible, fun destination to learn more about the growing expertise on animal-human connections -- and maybe leave with a new member of the household? DnA went on a preview tour to find out.


Jackie Ott Jaakola, Wallis Annenberg PetSpace (@jjaakola)
J.J. Rawlinson, Wallis Annenberg PetSpace (@rawlinson_dvm)
William Smith, Storyline Studio
Claudia Bruno di Belmonte, Wallis Annenberg PetSpace (@AnnPetSpace)

KTLA visits Wallis Annenberg PetSpace
Register for the June 24 grand opening of Wallis Annenberg PetSpace

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