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The quintessential American car is large and luxurious, but one Detroit giant hopes to change that perception. GM designer Niki Smart talks about rethinking the Cadillac for urban centers. Then, LA Metro’s Paul Taylor discusses an LA-Beijing alliance aimed at getting people out of their cars. In the second half of the program, the new home of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust in Pan Pacific Park has opened. Bobbye Tigerman recounts her grandfather’s role in founding the museum, and architect Hagy Belzberg explains how he uses design to educate young Angelenos about that atrocity.

IMAGE: Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept; photo courtesy of GM.

Guest Interview Cadillac, an All-American Car in a Small Package? 5 MIN, 14 SEC

The LA Auto Show starts tomorrow and in addition to showcasing many new cars, also on display will be concept cars, ideas for future cars created by car designers who work large auto companies in discreet concept design studios in Los Angeles. One of these concept cars is by GM's Advanced Design Center in North Hollywood, and it is a reworking of the Cadillac, America's quintessential large, luxurious car, in a small package. Design Manager Niki Smart explains the thinking behind the Urban Luxury Concept and why it will "live or die" on its door, and New Roads High Schoolers Camilia Alavi, Daniel Bernstein, Jocelyne Bonilla-Mendoza, Abraham Bran, Elisabeth Chubb, Samaria Gomez, Sayda Sosa, and Zoe Tamblin offer their thoughts on what the Cadillac means today.

Niki Smart, Design Manager, General Motors Advanced Design

Guest Interview Beijing-LA Alliance to Fight Traffic 11 MIN, 12 SEC

GM's Urban Luxury Concept makes the case that the solution to congested city living is to drive smaller cars. But officials in choking cities believe the answer lies in getting people out of their cars, period. In an unusual alliance, the transportation agencies of Los Angeles and Beijing have come together to swap ideas on how best to get people walking, biking and riding public transit. We hear more from Paul Taylor, Deputy CEO of the MTA.

Paul Taylor, LA Metro

Guest Interview Holocaust Museum Finds Home in Pan Pacific Park 12 MIN, 10 SEC

Since its founding 50 years ago the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust has built a collection of over 3000 artifacts but has long sought a permanent home. Now it has one, in an intriguing building by architect Hagy Belzberg in Pan Pacific Park. LACMA curator Bobbye Tigerman explains her grandfather's role in helping found the museum and Hagy Belzberg talks about the way in which the design and architecture contribute to the understanding of the genocide.


Interior view of Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust


Bobbye Tigerman, LACMA
Hagy Belzberg, Architect and Principal, Belzberg Architects


Frances Anderton

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