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DnA reflects on what mattered in design and architecture in Los Angeles in 2015, from new developments at the LA river to the closing of Kitson. The Chicago Biennial nears the end of its run, making the case that big change can happen to cities, at a very small scale. LACMA's whirling Metropolis II attracts thousands of visitors. But who knew it garnered so much dust? Gideon Brower finds that maintaining a city is a challenge, even when it's a model.

Photo: Alison Walker helped build Chris Burden's Metropolis II; now she maintains it. (Gideon Brower)

Ringing in the Changes in Los Angeles 16 MIN, 29 SEC

This year on DnA you heard about new developments at the LA River, the opening of The Broad and the Petersen Automotive Museum... the launch of a new e-car company, and Santa Monica's new bike share program... changing attitudes to water capture. . .global money flowing into expensive, empty houses... and, possibly, the birth of a new Pershing Square.

In this look-back at the changes in Los Angeles, we also hear about the good and the bad of continued growth; the significance of the demise of Kitson and the rise of private clubs; and, post-Paris, the "genius" of Governor Jerry Brown at communicating climate change.

Mallery Roberts Morgan, Design writer and curator
Darren Gold, Consultant (@AlphaManLA)
Marissa Gluck, design writer (@marissagluck)
Jon Christensen, UCLA / Stamen Design (@the_wrangler)

New York Times on the exodus of Brooklynites to Los Angeles
Curbed LA reports that Century Plaza Hotel will be saved, and two huge towers added
Vogue on one-time LA mainstay Kitson shutting down
Hollywood Reporter explores the rise of private clubs in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times on Governor Jerry Brown's role at the climate change talks

The State of the Art of Architecture 5 MIN, 8 SEC

Projects by 120 architects and artists, selected from over 30 countries on six continents are intended to reveal The State of the Art of Architecture at the first Chicago Architectural Biennial, closing early January.

But don't expect headliner museums or showy building skins or ever higher skyscrapers.

The artistic director explains that big change can happen to cities, at a small scale.

Sarah Herda, Chicago Architecture Biennial / Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

Sarah Herda and Joseph Grima, artistic directors of the Chicago Biennial
Herda and Grima profiled by Architectural Digest
Christopher Hawthorne reviews the Chicago Architecture Biennial
DnA talks to Sarah Herda

Metropolis II: Maintaining a Model City 5 MIN, 13 SEC

Southern California's big project right now is to become a smooth, functioning multi-modal megalopolis. Turns out that's a challenge -- even in a model city. Gideon Brower meets the people who maintain Chris Burden's Metropolis II at LACMA.

Gideon Brower, Independent Producer (@GideonLA)

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