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We know what a food desert is, but what about a food forest? Margarett Harrison explains what differentiates a food forest from an edible garden and Rick Nahmias maps out another type of food forest, made of citrus, right here in LA. Jonathan Gold is impressed by a new restaurant serving farm to table fare. A recent UC Davis report blames farmers for 96 percent of the nitrate contamination in groundwater in the Central Valley. Sasha Khoka explains what nitrates are, Danny Merkley weighs in on the farmers response and Maria Herrera describes how it's effecting communities. Plus, Clifford Wright offers tips on perfectly melted cheese and William Alexander recounts his year long quest for the perfect loaf of bread.

Banner image of Orcutt Ranch, courtesy of Rick Nahmias

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Bread and Butter Worth Paying For

cookscounty.jpgJonathan Gold visits Cooks County where Daniel Mattern is the chef and Roxana Jullapat is the pastry chef. Jonathan enjoys the hand cut tagliatelle, the roast pork loin, the cast iron bread and butter, the oat biscuits and pretty much all of their seasonal vegetable dishes and desserts.

Cooks County
8009 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

You can find all of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions on the Good Food restaurant map.

Music: "I Play for Keeps" by The DHMA

Guest Interview A Citrus Oasis in Los Angeles

Rick Nahmias is the founder of Food Forward, LA's local nonprofit whose mission is to glean and distribute locally grown food from private homes and public spaces. They recently discovered Orcutt Ranch, a 24-acre rolling oasis in the San Fernando Valley with 600 citrus trees. You can participate in one of Food Forward's picks or visit Orcutt Ranch on your own.

You'll find information on their Can It! series and their April 14 Spring Melt fundraiser on our Good Food Blog.

Guest Interview A Food Forest Grows in Seattle

Margarett Harrison is the lead landscape architect for the Beacon Food Forest in Seattle. The seven-acre property will be free and open to all foragers for picking. Check out designs for the first planting as well as plans for the complete seven-acre site.

Music: "La Matriarca” (Bossa Nova) by Armando Trovailoli

Guest Interview Nitrates in California's Drinking Water

Sasha Khoka is the Central Valley Bureau Chief for KQED in San Francisco, and her reportage on living with nitrates in the Central Valley earned her multiple journalism awards. She explains what nitrates are, why people should be concerned and what the local communities are doing about it. Check out her multimedia reportage on living with nitrates.

Danny Merkley focuses on water issues and governmental affairs for the California Farm Bureau Federation. He says farmers are wary of impending regulation.

Maria Herrera is the community outreach coordinator for the Community Water Center in Visalia, where she educates and organizes local communities on the issues of safe drinking water.

Music: "Last Time Around" by Lay Low

Guest Interview Hot and Cheesy

gf120324hot-cheesy.jpg Clifford Wright is a noted cookbook author, and his latest book is Hot & Cheesy. He explains that most cheeses don't want to be cooked, but instead they want to be melted.

His recipe for Saffron Crepe Cake with Swiss Chard and Ricotta Cheese is not to be missed.


Music: "Soul Thing" by the Keith Mansfield Orchestra

Hot and Cheesy

Clifford A. Wright

Guest Interview Fifty-Two Weeks and One Loaf

gf12032452loaves.jpg William Alexander spent a year pursuing the perfect loaf of bread. The results are captured in 52 Loaves: One Man's Relentless Pursuit of Truth, Meaning, and a Perfect Crust.

52 Loaves

William Alexander

Guest Interview Market Report

gf120324dessert_architect.jpg Robert Wemischner is a professor of baking and pastry at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. He is the author of four cookbooks. His most recent book, The Dessert Architect, is now in its second edition.

He enjoys using peak season strawberries and cream infused with bay leaf in this Strawberry Gratin recipe.

The Dessert Architect

Robert Wemischner

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