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2000: The first interview 12 MIN, 50 SEC

After scouring the Good Food archives, the team unearthed the very first interview
Bourdain did with Good Food in 2000. Photo by Rosalie Atkinson.

In 1999, Anthony Bourdain wrote an article for the New Yorker titled, “Don’t eat before reading this.” This essay would go on to become the chef’s first book, “Kitchen Confidential.” In this interview, originally aired July 1, 2000, Evan Kleiman dives into the ‘bad boy’ kitchen culture the book depicts and what Bourdain feels being a cook is really like.

2004: Les Halles Cookbook 6 MIN, 10 SEC

In 2004, Evan sat down with Anthony Bourdain to talk about “Les Halles Cookbook: Strategies, Recipes and Techniques of Classic Bistro Cooking.” While writing this cookbook, Bourdain was in the kitchen everyday at Brasserie Les Halles and wanted to break down what he loved so deeply about French cuisine with readers, by taking the “crippling handicap of affluence,” out of the dishes.

2006: 'Nasty Bits' and beyond 7 MIN, 38 SEC

The wild success of “Kitchen Confidential” gave Anthony Bourdain the ability to travel, eat, watch and write for a living. His book “Nasty Bits” is a collection of essays diving deeper into the food world and all of its indiscretions. In this 2006 interview with Good Food, he talks about the new book and of course, shares a few wild stories.

The Nasty Bits

Anthony Bourdain

2010: 'Medium Raw' and turning chefs into rockstars 14 MIN, 11 SEC

Although he always considered himself an outsider, Bourdain seemed to have an insider’s look at the culinary world. In 2010, he stopped by KCRW to talk about “Medium Raw,” his memoir and follow-up to the bestselling “Kitchen Confidential.” He and Evan discuss the stardom of young chefs, nose-to-tail eating, and becoming a father.

Medium Raw

Anthony Bourdain

NYC's tribute to Tony 6 MIN, 28 SEC

Notes on the windows of the now-shuttered Brasserie Les Halles in New York City. Photo by Nick Liao.

Soon after the news of Anthony Bourdain’s death filtered out across the world, a spontaneous memorial sprung up in New York. It happened at the now-shuttered Brasserie Les Halles, the Park Avenue restaurant where Bourdain served as executive chef while writing “Kitchen Confidential.” The restaurant’s windows were quickly covered with notes and mementos of the man and his work. Reporter Elizabeth Kulas went out on a rainy afternoon to hear from those visiting the site.

Guest DJ Project: Anthony Bourdain 8 MIN, 31 SEC

In 2010, Anthony Bourdain visited KCRW’s Guest DJ Project to discuss his punk rock fandom as well as a few songs that were particularly formative in his life.


A mural depicting the late chef and adventurer Anthony Bourdain in Santa Monica, California. Photo by Rosalie Atkinson.

Evan Kleiman

Nick Liao
Rosalie Atkinson
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Laryl Garcia

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