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Today’s show is a special edition of Good Food featuring Lesley Barger Suter of Los Angeles magazine, who joins Evan to discuss Los Angeles magazine's Chefs Issue which is on stands now. Barger Suter interviews chef Josef Centeno about his forthcoming Tex-Mex restaurant, Bar Amá, and she visits chef Craig Thornton’s downtown loft where he hosts his popular Wolves Mouth supper club. Back in the studio Evan asks New York chef April Bloomfield about her gastropub fare. Chef Micah Wexler returns to the station to discuss his greatest arsenal in the kitchen - his spice cabinet. Author Michael Ruhlman reflects on what it takes to be a professional chef and Jonathan Gold appreciates the pig-centric menu at The Parish in Downtown LA. Plus, producer Evan George visits Eagle Rock Brewery and Golden Road Brewing where he sees first hand what it takes for a small brewery to get their products in cans and bottles. At the market, Laura Avery talks to chef Phil Kastel and Barbara Whyman of Tutti Frutti Farms about the abundance of peppers at Southern California farmers' markets.

Banner image: Craig Thornton of Wolvesmouth

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 5 MIN, 31 SEC

Phil Kastel is the executive chef and partner at Public School 612 in downtown LA and the forthcoming Public School 310 in Culver City. He is utilizing the fresh poblano chiles at the market by stuffing them with a mixture of quinoa and fall vegetables. His recipe is on the Good Food blog.

Barbara Whyman of Tutti Frutti Farms says that they will have all of their chiles -- from poblanos and ato serranos and habaneros -- for another two months. Tutti Frutti is a certified organic farm.

Guest Interview Pig Out at the Parish 5 MIN, 52 SEC

parish.jpgJonathan Gold is pleased about the onslaught of pork at The Parish, a new gastropub in downtown LA from Chef Casey Lane. If you are feeling especially piggy you can try the pork chop, but Jonathan also recommends the poutine with oysters, poutine with pigs feet, ricotta on brioche, the clams, the fried chicken and the pork head pot pie.


The Parish
840 S Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

You can find all of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions on the Good Food restaurant map.

Guest Interview Josef Centeno Goes Tex-Mex 16 MIN, 55 SEC

Lesley Barger Suter talks to chef Josef Centeno about his forthcoming restaurant Bar Amá, where Tex-Mex will be the star of the show. He previews his puffy tacos and explains that, for Texans, Tex-Mex is pure comfort food.

Guest Interview Dining in the Wolvesmouth 4 MIN, 25 SEC

Craig Thornton is the chef and proprietor of the Wolvesmouth, a highly curated supper club that he runs out of his downtown loft. See photos of Thornton's beautifully plated dishes on the Good Food blog.




Guest Interview Michael Ruhlman Revisits the Making of a Chef 6 MIN, 39 SEC

gf120922ruhlman-makingchef.jpgIt has been roughly 10 years since Michael Ruhlman published both The Making of a Chef and The Soul of a Chef. Evan asks him how professional cooking has changed in the last 10 years.gf120922ruhlman-soulchef.jpg

The Soul of a Chef

Michael Ruhlman

Guest Interview April Bloomfield Defines Gastropub 8 MIN, 28 SEC

April Bloomfield is the chef/partner at The Spotted Pig, The Breslin and John Dory Oyster Bar in New York City. When she first opened The Spotted Pig in 2004 she launched a new wave of gastropubs that has since swept the nation from New York to Los Angeles.

You can taste Bloomfield's cooking at LA Love's Alex's Lemonade on Saturday, September 29. She'll be serving an heirloom tomato soup with a warm pork rillette.

Guest Interview Growing Pains and Gains for Small LA Breweries 9 MIN, 33 SEC

Evan George is a producer for KCRW's To the Point and Which Way, LA?. He visits locale brewers Eagle Rock Brewery and Golden Road Brewing to learn about the challenges microbreweries face when canning and bottling their beers for the first time.

Find out more information about LA Beer Week here.

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