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We talk about the bread that’s helped launch the nationwide toast trend and how a newly lifted ban on some Mexican clams will change L.A. menus; plus, is fat our friend after all?

The King of Toast 7 MIN, 38 SEC

Josey Baker is a San Francisco-based bread baker whose brick and mortar bakery The Mill is at the fore of the nationwide toast trend. In Baker’s new book Josey Baker Bread, he shares the tools to make great bread, the key ingredient for really great toast.

The Origins of Cream Cheese 7 MIN, 57 SEC

Rabbi Jeffrey Marx of The Santa Monica Synagogue is also a scholar interested in American immigration and food history. He tells us how Philadelphia became the home of cream cheese and how Jewish immigrants came to love the schmear.

Blood and Chocolate Clams Coming to California 9 MIN, 2 SEC

Bill Esparza is the blogger behind StreetgourmetLA and he also writes the Vitamin T column for Los Angeles Magazine’s Digest blog and is the tacorazzo behind Tacolandia. He talks about how the end of a prohibition on so-called ‘blood’ and ‘chocolate’ clams from Mexico will transform menus across Los Angeles.

Click here to buy tickets to this year’s Tacolandia on Saturday June 28th.

It’s Fish! It’s Pork! It’s Awu Delicious Food! 7 MIN, 16 SEC

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer of the Los Angeles Times. This week he reviews Awu Delicious Food, a new high-end Henan restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley where they’re serving koi jello, “a chilled concoction of jellied pigskin molded into the shape of a swimming fish.”

558 Las Tunas Dr
Arcadia, CA 91007

Jonathan recommends the Koi jello; steamed, sliced pork with preserved mustard; sautéed clear noodles; mashed eggplant with garlic; scalded spinach; boiled tripe; oxtail with peanuts; garlic smoked lamb chops with cumin; Taichi soup; pan-fried beef buns.

Is Fat our Friend? 10 MIN, 41 SEC

Nina Teicholz’s new book is The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet.

The Big Fat Surprise

Nina Teicholz

Back to Butter 7 MIN, 6 SEC

Molly Chester co-wrote the book Back to Butter: A Traditional Foods Cookbook with her mother Sandy Schrecengost. We’ve got a recipe for her Creamy Deviled Eggs on our blog.

Back to Butter

Molly Chester

Market Report 5 MIN, 39 SEC

Laura Avery talks to cocktail chef Matthew Biancaniello about Surinam cherries. He muddles them with lime juice, wild honey and bergamot mint for a cocktail at his Wednesday night pop up at Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake.

Farmer Marguerita Smith of Mud Creek Ranch brings Surinam cherries to the market. At home she is experimenting with Surinam cherry vinegars.

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