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What's on the menu at Burning Man? Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson discovers some festival goers with big culinary ambitions - a fully functioning bakery in the middle of the Black Rock Desert. Fast food workers rallied for higher wages this week in Los Angeles; KCRW's Saul Gonzalez reports on what it's like to live on $8.89 an hour. Lauryn Chun stops by to talk about kimchi, and cookbook author Andrea Nguyen helps us decode the aisles of miso and bonito flakes in a Japanese supermarket. Alma, a 39-seat restaurant in Downtown LA, was just voted the best restaurant in America by Bon Appetit restaurant; Jonathan Gold calls it a "personal" restaurant and gives it a rave review. Plus, Rosh Hashanah begins on Wednesday. Marcie Cohen Ferris shares ideas for holiday recipes with a Southern twist. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Roxana Jullapat about her "Grapple Pie" and Mike Cirone says that apple season is very early this year.

Banner image: Saul Gonzalez

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 9 MIN, 8 SEC

Roxana Jullapat is the pastry chef at Cooks County. She's shopping at See Canyon's farm stand for Spitzenberg apples. She cooks the apples with Tomcord grapes for a "Grapple Pie."

Mike Cirone grows tens of varieties of apples on his farm in See Canyon. He says the apples are three weeks early this year because of the drought. 

Guest Interview Building a Bakery at Burning Man 9 MIN, 41 SEC

Liana Bandziulis, Michael Clive and David Weidman are spearheading the Black Rock Bakery, a theme camp at Burning Man located in the French Quarter, one of the largest villages at the festival. They shipped out multiple ovens, a deep fryer, a three basin sink, KitchenAid mixers, immersion blenders, 500 gallons of liquid nitrogen and more to Black Rock City where they will build a fully functioning bakery in the middle of the desert. They plan to make everything from wedding cakes (people do get married at Burning Man) to challah for Shabbat.

Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson met up with the trio before they left for Nevada desert. 

Guest Interview Southern Jewish Cooking: When Tradition and Culture Collide 7 MIN, 43 SEC

gf130831matzo-ball-gumbo.jpg Marcie Cohen Ferris is the author of Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South. A Rosh Hashanah recipe for her Honey Chicken and Black Eyed Peas is on the Good Food blog.

Matzoh Ball Gumbo

Marcie Cohen Ferris

Guest Interview Genius at Alma in Downtown LA 5 MIN, 4 SEC

alma.jpgAlma, the 39-seat restaurant in downtown LA, was recently voted the best new restaurant in America by Bon Appetit magazine. Jonathan Gold describes it as a very personal restaurant. The menu changes daily, but be sure to start with a seaweed and tofu beignet and the toast with jam and liver. 

952 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food restaurant map.

Guest Interview Decoding the Japanese Supermarket 10 MIN, 2 SEC

gf130831asian-tofu.jpg Food writer and cookbook author Andrea Nguyen guides Evan Kleiman through the aisles of Mitsuwa in West LA. Find photos and a list of Nguyen's Asian market pantry staples on the Good Food blog. Plus, find recipe inspiration in her latest book, Asian Tofu.

Asian Tofu

Andrea Nguyen

Guest Interview Kimchi for Every Palate 6 MIN, 24 SEC

gf130831kimchi-cookbook.jpg Lauryn Chun is the owner of Mother in Law's Kimchi. Her new book is the Kimchi Cookbook: 60 Traditional and Modern Ways to Make and Eat Kimchi. Click here to find out where you can buy Mother in Law's Kimchi or make it home with recipes from the book.

Evan raves about the Scalloped Potatoes with Kimchi recipe which you can find on the Good Food blog.

The Kimchi Cookbook

Lauryn Chun

Guest Interview The Fast-Food Workers Strike Hits Los Angeles 8 MIN, 18 SEC

KCRW reporter Saul Gonzalez reports on the fast-food worker strikes that are sweeping the country. This past Thursday, workers in LA rallied to increase minimum wage to $15 per hour.



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