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Can data determine who makes America’s best burrito? Are organic and kosher compatible? We explore these questions, plus Jonathan Gold tells us about a new deli that hit Grand Central Market.

Photo Credit: Gideon Brower

Burrito Bracket 7 MIN, 58 SEC

Who makes the best burrito in the country? It seems like an impossible question to answer, yet a team of statisticians is determined to crown a champion. Nate Silver, who is perhaps best known for predicting electoral votes and NBA championships, is the man behind the website fivethirtyeight.com. This summer, the website launched a burrito bracket in order to determine statistically, where lies the nation’s best burrito. Independent Producer Gideon Brower has the story.

This segment was made possible by KCRW’s Independent Producer Project.

Gideon Brower, Independent Producer (@GideonLA)

Jonathan Gold Weighs in on Burritos 3 MIN, 43 SEC

We can’t mention LA’s best burrito without getting Jonathan Gold to weigh in. The Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer talks about his favorite burrito in L.A., and what he thinks can and cannot go in a burrito.

Jonathan Gold (1960-2018), Good Food on the Road (@thejgold)

Jonathan Gold Reviews Wexler’s Deli 6 MIN, 27 SEC

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the Los Angeles Times. This week he reviews Wexler’s Deli, one of the several new stands to hit Grand Central Market this year. Jonathan says the lox is his favorite and adds that it’s the only deli he knows of that makes its own pastrami on site.

Jonathan recommends the smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon, corned beef, and pastrami.

Wexler’s Deli
317 S Broadway
(213) 624-2378

All of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions can be found on the Good Food restaurant map.

Jonathan Gold (1960-2018), Good Food on the Road (@thejgold)

Buvette 8 MIN, 9 SEC

Jody Williams is the chef/owner of the celebrated restaurant Buvette in New York and Paris. Her new book is a collection of her bistro-style recipes with the same name. Find a recipe for her Toasted Oatmeal Brulee on the Good Food Blog.

Jody Williams, Buvette


Jody Williams

Are Kosher and Organic Compatible? 5 MIN, 22 SEC

The kosher community faces unique challenges in adopting more sustainable and artisanal ways of eating. Good Food Segment Producer Sarah Rogozen brings us this story about what happens when new food trends meet traditional lifestyles.

Sarah Rogozen, Associate Producer, Good Food

Kosher Restaurant Roundup 8 MIN, 54 SEC

LA’s kosher restaurant scene is restless, financially-strapped, and slowly incorporating artisan food trends, says Jewish Journal editor Rob Eshman. Eshman writes a column for the paper called “Foodaism.”

Rob Eshman, Jewish Journal (@Foodaism)

Tartine 9 MIN, 18 SEC

Chad Robertson of Tartine in San Francisco has inspired bakers all over the country. He and his wife Elizabeth Prueitt co-own Tartine and Bar Tartine in San Francisco. Chad’s latest book is Tartine Book No. 3: Modern Ancient Classic Whole.

Find a recipe for his Rene’s Rye Bread from his new book on our blog.

Chad Robertson, Tartine (@tartinebakery)

Tartine Book No. 3

Chad Robertson

Market Report 5 MIN, 59 SEC

Laura Avery talks to Chef Robert Wemischner about how he’s inspired by late summer plums, and farmer Truman Kennedy talks about his plum varieties and his carbon neutral farm.

Find a recipe for Robert’s plum pie on the Good Food Blog.

Laura Avery, Santa Monica Farmers' Market

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