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Passover begins on Monday and matzah will be on many tables all throughout the eight-day holiday. Segment producer Sarah Rogozen visits a mock-matzah factory in Westwood where preschoolers learn about the history and symbolism of the unleavened bread. LA based chocolatier Jonathan Grahm says his chocolate-covered matzah is so popular that he sells it year round. Art historian Ross King details the food on the table in Leonardo da Vinci's 15th Century painting, The Last Supper, and butter carvers Jim and Marie Victor discuss the art of food sculpture. Top Chef contestant Richard Blais talks to KCRW producer Darby Maloney about what it was like to be a "cheftestant" and how his reality TV career changed his career as a chef. Producer Gillian Ferguson finds out the history of sizzurp, an illegal cocktail popularized by hip hop culture; and Jonathan Gold digs the seafood at Little Fork in Hollywood. At the market Laura Avery interviews cookbook author Amelia Saltsman about her market-inspired Passover sides and pomologist David Karp tells the story of California rhubarb.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 7 MIN, 52 SEC

gf130323Saltsman.jpg Amelia Saltsman is the author of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook. She is cooking a roasted carrot and sweet potato tzimmes for her Passover seder. Find a recipe on the Good Food blog.

David Karp is a pomologist with the University of California Riverside and he writes the Market Watch column for the Los Angeles Times Food section. This week he shares the story of California rhubarb. At its peak there were over 1,000 acres of rhubarb grow in California. Today there are only four acres.

Guest Interview The Matzah Factory 3 MIN, 49 SEC

Good Food segment producer Sarah Rogozen tags along on a pre-school field trip to Chabad's matzah factory in West LA. It's not a real factory, but a teaching tool - each year, in the weeks before Passover, children visit to learn how to bake the unleavened Passover bread.

You can find a video of Manischewitz's real matzah factory, and Sarah's recipe for matzah brei, on the Good Food blog.

Guest Interview Chocolate for Easter and Passover 7 MIN, 20 SEC

Jonathan Grahm is the owner and chocolatier behind Compartes. Check out his Easter chocolates here and his chocolate covered Matzah.

Guest Interview The Last Supper 7 MIN, 47 SEC

gf130323last_supper.jpg Ross King is an art historian. His latest book is Leonardo and the Last Supper. He explains the significance of the food on the table in Leonardo da Vinci's 15th Century painting "The Last Supper."

Guest Interview Little Forks and Little Plates 5 MIN, 28 SEC

gf130323-littlefork.jpgJonathan Gold visits Little Fork, a new restaurant in Hollywood helmed by chef Jason Travi. The restaurant is named after the small forks often used for eating shellfish. He recommends ordering the clams casino, Portuguese mussels, crispy head cheese, smoked meat poutine, duck confit, and lobster roll.


Little Fork
1600 Wilcox Ave
Hollywood, CA, 90028

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food restaurant map.

Guest Interview The Life of a Cheftestant 8 MIN, 39 SEC

gf130323blais.jpgDarby Maloney produces The Business on KCRW. She talks to Top Chef's Richard Blais about how leveraging the TV exposure he had on the various iterations of the Top Chef franchise has helped him build a career in the entertainment business as a celebrity chef. 

Blais has a new cookbook out called Try This at Home.

Try This at Home

Richard Blais

Guest Interview The Story of Sizzurp 6 MIN, 34 SEC

Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson reports on the history of sizzurp, a recreational drug that contains codeine promethazine cough syrup, soda and jolly ranchers. After high-profile rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized from a suspected sizzurp binge, nationwide scrutiny over the cocktail ensued.

She interviews Lance Scott Walker, author of two forthcoming books about Houston hip hop culture and history, and Dr. Ronald Peters, Associate Professor at Texas University's School of Public Health.

Guest Interview Butter Carving 8 MIN, 53 SEC

Jim and Marie Victor are butter carvers. Prior to filming of the recent movie Butter, actors spent a day with the Victors learning the craft of butter carving. Check out some of their sculptures.


Jim Field Smith

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