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This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, find out where to get the best Chinese food in Los Angeles.  Lesley Bargar Suter of Los Angeles Magazine shares her research.  Jonathan Gold reviews the new restaurant at LACMA.  We'll find out what it's like to have no sense of smell from Jason Feifer.  Plus, a look at how the growing demand for sharks' fin soup is affecting our oceans.  We'll get a recipe for a pistachio candy from Charlie Schaffer.  And Eddie Lin goes to a goat roast.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 7 MIN

Charlie Schaffer of Shaffer's Genuine Foods is using Santa Barbara Pistachios for a roca, which is like a hard candy.  Buy the unsalted kernels (shelled).  Find the recipe here.

Leticia Smith of Garcia Farms brings tangelos to the farmers market.  They are a cross between a pomelo and a tangerine.  They are great for juicing as they don't separate like navels do.  

Guest Interview Sharks' Fin Ban 7 MIN
John McCosker is a Senior Scientist and the first Chair of Aquatic Research at the California Academy of Sciences. From 1973 through 1994 he was Director of the Steinhart Aquarium.  The California Legislature has introduced a bill (AB 376) making it illegal to sell or possess shark fins.  Shark fin soup is prized dish in China and a growing middle class is increasing demand.  Some in Chinese communities oppose the ban.  The New York Times reports that up to 73 million sharks are killed each year.  Read more about the debate in the San Francisco Chronicle.  
Guest Interview The Best Chinese Food in LA 7 MIN

Lesley Bargar Suter is the Dining Editor at Los Angeles Magazine.  Their May issue features the best Chinese food in LA, most of which is found in the San Gabriel Valley.  For authentic Westside options, Lesley recommends Lukshon (3239 Helms Ave., Culver City) or WP24 (900 W. Olympic Blvd., LA).  

Los Angeles Magazine's Top 10 List:

1. Sea Harbour Seafood
3939 N. Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, CA

2. Hunan Chilli King
534 E. Valley Blvd., Ste 2
San Gabriel, CA

3. Kam Hong Garden
848A E. Garvey Ave.
Monterey Park, CA

4. Blue Ocean Seafood
1412 S. Garfield Ave.
Alhambra, CA

5. Mr. Chow
344 N. Camden Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA

6. Duck House
501 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA

7. Tasty Garden
288 W. Valley Blvd., Ste 110
Alhambra, CA

8. Gourmet Vegetarian
140 W. Valley Blvd., Ste 222
San Gabriel, CA

9. Dumpling 10053
10053 Valley Blvd., Ste 2
El Monte, CA

10. CBS Seafood 
700 N. Spring Street.

Guest Interview The Man Who Can't Smell 7 MIN

Jason Feifer has hyposmia, or a diminished ability to smell.  He wrote about his condition for Men's Health.  Approximately 16 percent of Americans experience some degree of hyposmia.  

Guest Interview Ray's at LACMA 7 MIN

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Weekly and he reviews restaurants for Good Food every week.  This week, he reviews Ray's, the new restaurant at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  The bar (Stark Bar) and restaurant are named after donor Ray Stark.  The chef, Kris Morningstar is sourcing his produce locally so the dishes will change with the seasons.  The restaurant was designed by Renzo Piano.

Jonathan liked the ricotta gnocchi with english peas, springtime vegetable puntarelle (a kind of chicory), the squab, striped bass, lamb sweetbreads, the pork belly and the sauteed whole fava beans.

5905 Wilshire Blvd. 
Los Angeles

All of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.  

Guest Interview Goat Roast 7 MIN

Eddie Lin writes the blog Deep End Dining.  He went to Tender Greens in West Hollywood (8759 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood) for their monthly whole-animal roasts.  This time, they roasted goats in La Caja China, a roasting box invented in Cuba.  More about La Caja China here.  

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