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Hank Shaw explains why we don’t eat goose more, Tracy Slater discusses the KFC Christmas tradition in Japan, Jonathan Gold tries The Church Key’s pig ear cheetos and much much more on this week's Good Food.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Why We Don't Eat More Goose 10 MIN, 46 SEC

gf131221duckduckgoose.jpgHank Shaw writes the award winning blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and his latest book is Duck Duck Goose. Shaw discusses the seasonality of geese and how it explains why we don't eat geese more often.

Find a recipe for his Roast Goose on the Good Food blog.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Hank Shaw

Guest Interview Who Owns Wild Swans in the UK? 5 MIN, 34 SEC

gf131221schotts.jpgBen Schott, author of Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany, tells a fascinating tale that could only happen in Britain. In 2005, Master of the Queen's music, Sir Peter Maxwell Davis, was accused of breaking the law when he plucked and began curing a swan that had electrocuted itself by flying into electrical wires. It appears that all swans in England belong to the Queen, so the eating of swans and the owning of swans is illegal.

Guest Interview 'Tis the Season for KFC in Japan 5 MIN, 49 SEC

Tracy Slater is an American writer living in Osaka. She describes the curious tradition that's come about in Japan, where many people there eat KFC on Christmas Eve. We also hear from Kaori Sawada who worked at a KFC in Japan as a teenager.

Guest Interview Feasting on Kwanzaa 7 MIN, 37 SEC

Kwanzaa is a six-day celebration that was founded in 1966 by Maulana Karenga, an early proponent of Black Studies. Jessica Harris discusses some of the important tenets of Kwanzaa including a feast and its broader purpose as a time of cultural reaffirmation for the African American community.

Guest Interview Are You an Accidental Glutton? 7 MIN, 3 SEC

Karen Schrock Simring is a science journalist. She gives us psychological insight that helps explain why some people can control the urge to eat, and others cannot. She details what she calls "the path to gluttony," that sometimes can lead to food addiction.

Guest Interview Market Report 6 MIN, 51 SEC

Laura Avery talks to Jim Russell of Russell Family Farms about his macadamia nut harvest.

Judy Babis, sous chef at Gjelina in Venice, describes the roasted root vegetable salad with lemon spiked yogurt and chili flakes currently on the menu at the restaurant.

Guest Interview Pig Ear Cheetos and Appletini Otter Pops at The Church Key 9 MIN, 1 SEC

gf131221churchkey.jpgJonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the Los Angeles Times. This week he reviews The Church Key, a new restaurant in West Hollywood with executive chef Steven Fretz. He recommends the pigs ears cheetos, Benton’s country ham, chicken liver parfait, frog hollow farm pear salad and the crispy pork belly lardons with gochujang glaze. To drink, he suggests trying the canned cocktails and alcoholic otter pops.

The Church Key
8730 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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