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Cilantro roots and boiling peanuts in beer 7 MIN, 29 SEC

These days there's plenty of talk about working the whole animal — snout to tail — onto the menu. But what about the whole plant? For this week's Market Report, we take a trip to the Hollywood Farmers' Market to talk with Shawn Pham about cooking with cilantro roots at Simbal in Little Tokyo. Pham sources his cilantro roots from farmer Kong Thao, who also shares a few tips on boiling peanuts in dark beer and chiles. Don't mind if we do. Find a recipe for Simbal's Heavenly Beef on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Still Life" (instrumental) and "FBI"

Norteño Mexican food on the banks of the LA River 8 MIN, 4 SEC

In Los Angeles, you can't throw a rock without hitting a taco stand. But Norteño Mexican-style tacos are a little harder to come by. In Frogtown, a 34-year-old chef from Mexicali is changing that with his new restaurant, Salazar. Tune in to hear Jonathan Gold's recommended dishes and chef Esdras Ochoa weigh in on what goes into the perfect taco. (Hint: this involves flour tortillas made in a tiny kitchen on the banks of the LA River.) Check out Salazar's food on the plate on the Good Food blog.

Music "Fish Fare" and "Il n'est point de sot metier"

Los Angeles, from cows to concrete 12 MIN, 2 SEC

Until the 1950's, Los Angeles County was the agricultural center of North America. Today few Angelenos realize that so much of the land was once home to ranchos, orange groves and celery fields. Rachel Surls and Judith Gerber reconnect us with LA's farm roots in their new book, From Cows to Concrete: The Rise and Fall of Farming in Los Angeles.

Music: "Movin' On"

Burned: Injuries and retaliation in the kitchen 12 MIN, 1 SEC

Last week, we aired the first part of a groundbreaking series, Burned: Abuse in LA's Restaurant Industry,” from KCRW investigative reporter Karen Foshay. Here's the next installment, which focuses on injuries in the kitchen and the retaliation many restaurant workers face when they speak up about getting hurt, stolen paychecks and being denied workers comp. Tune into the show next week for the final part of Foshay's series.

Music: "On Returning"

Unbroken Ground 4 MIN, 17 SEC

Now we move out of the restaurant world and into the field. The new documentary Unbroken Ground follows farmers, ranchers and fishermen trying to strike a balance between breaking even and preserving the land. KCRW's Larry Perel sat down with director Chris Malloy in Santa Barbara to talk about making the film and sustainability in farming.\

Unbroken Ground from Patagonia on Vimeo.

Music: "Her Hollow Ways"

A vegan mayonnaise scandal 11 MIN, 20 SEC

Much has been written about Hampton Creek, the company that produces the eggless spread Just Mayo. But you know who's not buying it? The American Egg Board. It seems they quietly slipped money to Unilever, owner of Hellmann's and Best Foods mayonnaise, to fund a lawsuit requiring Hampton Creek to change its name. The backstory is more sinister, says Ted Genoways, contributing editor to the New Republic. Tune in to the segment to learn more about this vegan mayo scandal. Plus, listen to an interview we did with Genoways upon the publication of his book, The Chain: Farm, Factory and the Fate of Our Food.

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