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Bayer's $62 billion bid for Monsanto 9 MIN, 40 SEC

This week the German pharmaceutical and chemical company Bayer made a $62 billion bid to buy Monsanto, the biotech business headquartered in Missouri. If the deal goes through, it would create the largest seed and pesticide business in the world. To find out what this merger could mean for farmers and consumers, we called Luke Runyon in Fort Collins, Colorado. He's a reporter for Harvest Public Media and KUNC.

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The air we … eat? 8 MIN, 9 SEC

Terroir, in wine jargon, is everything. It provides clues as to the particular soil, climate and locale where a grape or bottle of wine was produced. The same can be said for merroir when it comes to oysters. But can air have its own place-based atmospheric flavor? Nicola Twilley is author of the blog Edible Geography, co-host of the award-winning podcast Gastropod and a contributing writer for the New Yorker. She believes every location has its own aeroir.

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You can't stop the beet 7 MIN, 27 SEC

It's Memorial Day weekend. That means it's time to dust off the backyard smoker and throw some — wait for it — beets on the grill. In Santa Monica this week, Baltaire chef Travis Strickland shares his "set it and forget it" smoked beet recipe with Laura Avery. You'll find it waiting for you on the Good Food blog.

Farmer Chris Edwards also gives us the scoop on what goes into growing organic beets at the Rutiz Family Farm in Arroyo Grande. It takes 90 days for the seeds to become tennis ball-sized beets which Edwards pulls from the ground by hand.

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A tour de force chop at Salt's Cure 7 MIN, 34 SEC

Sure Sotto and Chi'Spacca have their own great pork chops, but Jonathan Gold and our very own Evan Kleiman agree it is Salt's Cure that has — hands down — the best in town. Chefs Chris Phelps and Zak Walters recently moved their meat joint to Highland Avenue in Hollywood. As per Gold's LA Times review, the pork chop is "a full pound of sustainably raised Marin Sun Farms pork from Northern California, lightly marinated, and cooked slowly, so that the thin rim of fat crisps while the juices concentrate in the meat and the pork tastes intensely, gloriously of itself. It's a pork chop, but it is also a tour de force."

Salt's Cure
1155 North Highland Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

Need we say more? Gold also recommends the confited duck leg with oatmeal griddle cakes, the cold tomato soup served with a grilled cheese sandwich and the grapefruit pie. Order up! And find more dishes to try at Salt's Cure on the Good Food blog.

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Make that cold one a beer cocktail 8 MIN, 8 SEC

For several of us on the Good Food team, Memorial Day weekend means popping open a cold one and sipping it al fresco. This year, make it a beer cocktail. Boilermakers and micheladas are the perfect storm of craft cocktail and craft beer in a glass. Bartender Jacob Grier has done some research on the subject: he's the author of Cocktails on Tap and his blog is Liquidity Preference. Try your hand at making a beer flip with his recipe on the Good Food blog. No fireplace or torch required.

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Cocktails on Tap

Jacob Grier

Let them eat cake 8 MIN, 29 SEC

Claire Ptak worked as a pastry chef at Chez Panisse before bringing her Northern Californian sensibility to Violet bakery in London. Staying true to simple, seasonal ingredients, she finds the perfect balance between nourishing and indulgent treats in her first cookbook, The Violet Bakery Cookbook — which we happen to know is one of Jonathan Gold's favorites. Find a recipe from the book for her rye chocolate brownies on the Good Food blog.

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Peddling candy in South LA with Grace of the Sea 6 MIN, 22 SEC

Luis Sanchez is an LA street vendor who goes by the name Grace of the Sea. Grace sells bacon-wrapped pineapple-stuffed hot dogs and candy out of a golden basket in Jefferson Park. We close out the show this week riding along with Grace on the candy route. Producer David Weinberg is our guide. You can hear more stories in KCRW's Below the Ten: Stories of South LA series.

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